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View the Job Cost Summary Report


To view a summary of the costs associated with each project in the account.


The Job Cost Summary Report shows a summary of the costs for each construction project's in a company's Procore account. 

Things to Consider


  1. Navigate to the company's Reports tool.
  2. Under Canned Reports, click Job Cost Summary.
    The report includes the following information:

    • Project Name. The name of the project. 
    • Project #The date the project was created in Procore. 
    • Original Contract. The total sum of all approved commitments on the project. 
    • Total Budgeted AmountThis is the total revised budget amount from Procore Standard Budget (i.e., Original Budget + Approved Head VAR's).
    • Approved COsThis is the total numeric value for all approved variations for the project.
    • Adjusted Contract ValueThis is the Original Contract amount plus Approved COs per project.
    • Pending COsThis is the total numeric value for all pending variations.
    • Draft VariationsThis is the total numeric value for all draft variations. 
    • Payments ReceivedThis is the total amount of payments received. This corresponds to the Total Payments column in the project's Commitments tool.
    • RemainingThe total dollar amount of payments not yet received. 
    • % PaidThe percentage amount that corresponds to the payment received amount. 
    • Program % Complete. If you have enabled the Program tool on the project and have uploaded a project program, this is the percent complete as reflected on the program. See Upload a Project Program File to Procore's Web Application.
    • Estimated Completion DateThis is the date the project is scheduled to end as set in the Program tool.