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About the Workflows Beta Program

Welcome to the Workflows Beta Program

Welcome to Procore's Beta Program for the new Company level Workflows tool. With the new Company level Workflows tool, users will have the ability to create their own custom approval workflows. Soon, customers meeting the eligibility criteria detailed below can now be provided with access to an open beta version of Procore's Company level Workflows tool and supporting documentation. Before the Beta program, Procore conducted a Pilot program and closed beta that included usability studies with program participants. 

For participation requirements, please review the contents of this page:

What is a custom workflow?

In Procore, a workflow is a process that defines an approval path. However, a custom workflow is a process that defines a unique approval path that is specific to your organisation and project(s). For example, a workflow includes the out-of-the-box steps to 'Approve' an item (such as a subcontractor progress claim) in Procore. A custom workflow would define the responsible roles, groups and conditions for routing an item through that approval process—and that process is tailored to suit the unique needs and specific requirements of your company's business environment. 


The image below shows you an example of what a published custom workflow for subcontractor progress claims might look like. The workflow steps and conditions may be different in your environment. 

Which Procore tools are supported by the Workflows Tool?

The expected goal for the new Workflows tool is to provide Procore users with the capability to build self-service, custom workflows for Procore tools used to create items that require an approval process. Procore's anticipated plan is to conduct research and usability tests with beta program participants.

For this beta, the Company level Workflows tool will only be available to participants who meet the eligibility requirements above and who want to create a custom workflow to manage the approval process for the tools listed below. 

Supported Tools 

Company Tools

The Company level Workflows tool allows you to create and manage one (1) or multiple custom workflows for these Company tools:

Company Tool Workflow Item(s) To learn more...
Payments Payments Create a Custom Workflow Template

Project Tools

The Company level Workflows tool allows you to create and manage one (1) or multiple custom workflows for these Project tools:

Project Tool Workflow Item(s) To learn more...
Budget Budget Change







Create a Custom Workflow Template


Subcontractor Progress Claim 
Subcontract/Purchase Order
Commitment Variation - Single Tier
Commitment Potential Variation
Head Contracts 

Beta Owner Progress Claim

Head Contract

Head Variation - Single Tier

Head Potential Variation
Correspondence Correspondence Item


How do I access the Workflows tool? 

Click Workflows under the 'Core Tools' section of the Company level navigation bar. 


How do I build custom workflows with the Workflows tool? 

Use these steps as your guide for building a custom workflow:

  1. Create a plan for your custom workflow. Your initial planning document is simply a starting point for you to gather the details for your custom workflow's requirements. This planning step is NOT performed in Procore. 
  2. Create and publish your custom workflow using your plan as a guide. Once you have a plan, you can add it to Procore's Company level Workflows tool. This workflow acts as a template that you can later assign to your company's Procore projects. For instructions, see Add a Custom Workflow.
  3. Assign the custom workflow to one (1) or more of your company's Procore projects. Assign the workflow to one (1) or more Procore projects in your company's Procore account. See Assign a Custom Workflow to a Project.
  4. Configure the custom workflow on the assigned project. Define the workflow managers, days to complete and distribution group members on the project that will be using the workflow. 
  5. Migrate from legacy to self-service workflows. In order to create and use your own custom workflows, you will first need to transition your company to the self-serve workflow engine. This will need to be done even if you have not previously used legacy custom workflows. To assist you with your transition from Procore's legacy workflow environment to the new self-serve Workflows tool, please review Enable Self-Serve Workflows for your Company.