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Create Custom Assignment Alerts for Projects


To create custom assignment alerts for projects in Workforce Planning.


In your Workforce Planning Settings you can set Default Assignment Alerts to notify people about the details of their workforce assignments. However, you may have projects that require their own unique assignment alerts. When you create project assignment alerts, those alerts always override your company's default assignment alerts.

Things to Consider


  1. Navigate to the Projects drop-down menu and select Projects List.
  2. Select your Project.
  3. Locate the Custom Assignment Alert Content section.
  4. Select the add icon-add-project-wfp.png icon next to the Alert you would like to update: 
    1. New Assignment. This alert is sent when a person is assigned a new assignment.
    2. Change to Existing Assignment. This alert is sent when a change is made to the assignee's existing assignment.
    3. Assignment Transfer. This alert is sent when the assignee has been transferred to a new assignment.
    4. Deleted Assignment. This alert is went when the assignee's assignment has been deleted.
  5. Select the 'Message Type'.
    • Individual Messages. Individual messages are sent to every recipient and responses are received only by the sender.
    • Group Messages. Group messages are sent to every recipient and responses are received by every recipient as well as the sender.
  6. For the Alert that you choose, enter the information you would like to include in the Subject and Message.
  7. Add the information that you want to appear in your alerts, to customize the information for the person receiving the alert:
    Note: The options you select are place holders that are filled with information from the project's details.
    • Assignee's Name. The assignee's first and last name.
    • Assignee's Email. The assignee's email address.
    • Assignee's Phone. The assignee's phone number.
    • Assignee's Job Title. The assignee's job title.
    • Assignment Start Date. The assignment's start date.
    • Assignment End Date. The assignment's end date.
    • Assignment Start Time. The assignment's start time.
    • Assignment End Time. The assignment's end time.
    • Assignment Work Days. The assignment's work days.
    • Project Name. The project's name.
    • Project Address. The project's address.
    • Project City. The project's city.
    • Project State. The project's state.
    • Project Postcode. The project's postcode.
    • Project Country. The project's country.
    • Project Number. The project number.
    • Project Status. The project's status.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Optional: To select default recipients that receive custom alerts, in addition to the assignee, locate the Default Alert Recipients section and click New. Select the recipients and click Done.