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This page lists the notable changes for the Project level Admin tool in 2016.

Added New Print QR Code Menu Option To Locations Page (23/8/2016)

Released a new feature that updated the Locations page in the Project level Admin tool with a new "Print QR" menu option. This option now available in the drop-down menu for each location and child location. See Print a QR Code for a Location.

Added Change Events to Project Extracts (17/8/2016)

Added Change Events as an option in the 'New Extract' drop-down list under Project Settings > Extracts in the Admin tool. 

Fixed Sort Order Of Locations In Project Admin Tool (10/8/2016) 

Updated the Defect List tool and Project level Admin tool to fix an issue where locations would not appear in alphanumerical order in the Locations drop-down list.

Added Defect List Pins With Labels To PDF Exports (26/7/2016)

Updated the Drawings tool to add labelled pins showing the defect list item number to PDF exports for drawings with markup.

Changed Behaviour Of Project Extracts Data For Observations Tool (25/7/2016)

Updated the project Extracts feature in the Admin tool so that now when a user exports observations, each observation is exported to an Observations folder that includes individual PDF files. When extracting 'All', this happens at the end of the Extracts process.

Removed Drag-And-Drop For Equipment Items In Admin Tool (20/7/2016)

Removed the ability to reorder equipment items using a drag-and-drop operation on the Equipment page of the Project level Admin tool (e.g., click Equipment under Project Settings). This increases page performance.

Updated Informational Banner In Admin Tool For Sage-Integrated Companies (13/6/2016)

Updated the project's Admin tool to revise the informational banner so it more accurately reflects why users on Sage-integrated projects should re-send their project to the ERP Integrations tool to be updated.

Added Specifications to Project Extracts (6/5/2016)

Admin users who have been granted the 'Can Run Extracts' privilege can now extract data from the Specifications tool using the new Extract option. 

Updated Behaviour Of Admin Tool Project Extracts (10/3/2016)

Updated the company and project Admin tools to address an issue where progress claims and progress claims would incorrectly override each other in project extracts. This no longer occurs. Project extracts that include progress claims and progress claims now behave as expected.

Admin Users Can Now Enable the Observations Tool On Projects (3/3/2016)

Users with 'Admin' level permissions now have the ability to enable the Observations tool on their projects. See Enable the Observations Tool

Added Copy All Codes Link To Standard Cost Codes List In Admin Tool (19/1/2016)

Added a Copy All Codes button to the Standard Cost Codes list. To access this list, click the Cost Codes link in the Project Settings menu in the right pane. This button copies all the standard cost codes from the company's Admin tool to the project's Admin tool with a single click.