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Below are the notable changes to the project's Admin tool in 2018.

Added Ability to Delete Budgeted Labour Hours and Budgeted Production Quantities (21/12/2018)

Added the ability to delete budgeted labour hours and budgeted production quantities from the "Unit Quantity Based Budget" section in the project Admin tool.

New 'Manage General' Granular Permission for the Admin Tool (25/5/2018)

Procore has updated updated the permissions template feature (see Manage Permission Templates) in Procore so Procore Administrators can now grant user with 'Read-Only' or 'Standard' level permission on the Project level Admin the privilege to add, edit and remove project details in the general settings for the Project level Admin tool. See Grant Granular Permissions in a Permission Template and Add or Edit General Project Information.

Updated Unit Quantity Based Budget Page (30/4/2018) 

Updated the Project level Admin tool's 'Unit Quantity Based Budget' page so you can now view your imported budgeted hours for the Labour Budget to Actual Report. See Set Up a Labour Budget to Actual Report.

Added a Unit Quantity Based Budget Page (17/4/2018)

Added a Unit Quantity Based Budget page so users can now upload budgeted labour hours from outside the Budget tool to view a comparison of Timesheet hours to these budgeted hours in a Labour Budget to Actual Report. For details, see Setup a Labour Budget to Actual Report.

Now Providing Shorter File Names for Project Tool File Extracts (2/4/2018)

Updated the Extracts feature in the Project level Admin tool to short the filenames that are bundled in the ZIP file. Extracted files continue to be bundled in a ZIP file with the tool's name, but the files contained in the ZIP no longer include the tool's name. 

Updated Multi-Tiered Locations Import Template (29/3/2018)

Updated the template for users importing multi-tiered locations to a project. See Request a Multi-tiered Locations Import 

Moved 'Download Link' For 'Admin' Users In Locations Page (12/3/2018)

Updated the Project level Admin tool to move the 'Download Template' link for users with 'Admin' level permission to the bottom of the page under the 'Import Locations' area.

Update Root Cause Analysis and Observation Types Configuration Pages (12/3/2018)

Updated the Company level Admin tool to add progress indicators (i.e., table loading spinners) on the 'Root Cause Analysis' page. Also updated the 'Observation Types Configuration' page to match observation types and added a tooltip that displays if an observation type is in use on a project and added a BLUE caret to show that users can edit observation types inline.

Added Printer Icon for QR Codes in Project Admin Tool (9/2/2018)

Updated the Locations page under Project Settings to change the vertical ellipsis icon, which was formerly used to print QR codes. The Locations page now shows a Printer icon to provide users with more clarity about the page's print function. 

Added Print QR Code Options for Tiered Locations (9/2/2018)

Updated the 'What to Print' area of the Print QR Code window to provide users with the ability to choose between printing only QR codes for the selected tier or printing all QR codes under the selected tier. 

Added Ability to Print QR Codes To Avery 6460 Format (27/1/2018)

Users can now export 30 location QR codes per page in a format that is compatible with Avery 6460 labels. See Locations: Print Location QR Codes to Avery 6460 Labels and Generate and Print QR Codes for Locations.

Added Ability to Generate Up to 500 QR Codes at a Time (27/1/2018)

Updated the Admin tool's Locations page to add a new window that allows a user to select up to 500 individual locations when generated a QR code for a location. See Generate and Print QR Codes for Locations.

Added "Enable Docusign" Checkbox To Company Level Admin Tool Under Project Settings (12/1/2018)

Added "Enable Docusign" checkbox to the company level Admin tool, under Project Settings. Enabling this checkbox will enable Docusign by default on all projects within the company.

New 'Print QR' Option To Print Location QR Codes In Bulk (8/1/2018)

Added a new 'Print QR' option to provide end users with the ability to print multiple QR codes from the Admin tool. To use the new setting, navigate to the Company level Admin tool. Under Project Settings, click Locations. Then click the vertical ellipsis and select Print QR. In the window that appears, mark the checkboxes that correspond to the desired Locations. You can print up to 500 QR codes in one session. See Generate and Print QR Codes for Locations.