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Below are the notable changes to the project's Admin tool in 2019.

Changed The Header For Project Home To Display Project Name (18/12/2019)

To improve visibility of project names, the Header in Project Home has been changed to reflect the Project Name.

The General Project Settings page in the Project level Admin tool has been updated to make a project's information easier to enter and review. In addition to the minor visual changes, you are now able to upload or manage the project photo and logo, search for information when selecting from lengthy drop-down menus, and you no longer need to manually format integer fields (e.g. phone numbers). See Update General Project Information
Note: The new experience is not applied to projects using custom fields. 

New Procore Extracts Applications for Windows (17/06/2019)

A new application has been made available to download from the Extracts page of the Admin tool for extracting project data. See Extract Project Data Using the Procore Extracts Application.

Import Locations Using the Procore Plug-In for Revit® (18/03/2019)

You can now import locations from Revit® to your Procore project using the Procore plug-in for Revit®. See Import Locations Using the Procore Plug-In for Revit®.