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Procore Support (en-au)


Bulk Actions Populates Latest Cost Into Head PV In Change Events (15/12/2017) 

When creating a Head PV in change events using bulk actions, the schedule of values will populate with the latest cost amount. For instance, if there is ROM and no other cost objects, the Head PV will populate with the ROM Amount. If there is ROM and an RFQ, the Head PV will populate with the RFQ amount. If there is ROM, an RFQ and a Commitment, the Head PV will populate with the Commitment amount.

New 'ROM Total Amount' Column Added to PV Custom Report (13/12/2017)

Added a new 'ROM Total Amount' column has been added the Potential Variation (PV) custom report at both the project and company level. 

Performance Improvements To Bulk Actions Menu (21/11/2017)

Improved the performance of the Bulk Actions drop-down list in the Change Events tool, which allows users to select and perform bulk actions multiple line items.

Now Carrying Relevant Information Over From Change Event To Cost Object (24/5/2017)

Updated the Project level Change Events tool so the system now carries relevant information from a change event (i.e., Title, Description, etc.) over to a cost object (i.e, RFQ) when the object is created from the change event. This saves the end user time, so they don't have to re-enter that information.


Added Sub Job Name To Cost Codes For Budget Modifications (3/5/2017)

Added the Sub Job Name to the cost codes on the Budget Modification table in the current Change Events tool. If your Procore Administrator has not worked with Procore to enable the sub job option in the project, this change has no affect on the Change Events tool.

Hide Origin Field In Change Events If RFI Tool Is Not Active (14/4/2017)

Updated the create, view and edit pages in the Change Events tool so that now, the system hides the 'Origin' field if the RFIs tool is not set as an active tool on the project.

Updated the Change Events (Beta) to Support ERP-Integrated Projects (11/4/2017)

Updated the Change Events beta to support ERP-integrated projects. Users can now create Commitment Variations (CCOs) from Change Events Line Items using the Bulk Actions menu. This gives users the ability to either select an existing commitment line item to map the variation to or they can choose to add a new commitment line item for the variation.