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This page details notable changes to the Project level Commitments tool for the year 2016.

Commitment Progress Claim Invite and Reminder Emails Now Allow Custom Email Text (22/12/2016)

Updated the Commitment Progress Claim Settings page (within the Commitment Contract Settings) to add a Custom Email text box. Anything entered in this box is include in the Invitation and Reminder emails.

Now Including The Bulk Retention Actions (21/12/2016)

 Updated the Detail page in the Commitments tool (Commitment Progress Claims) to include the Bulk Retention actions. The two actions are: 'Set Retention On All Line Items' and 'Release Retention On All Items.' These will follow the Progress Claim and Progress Claim paradigm.

Improved Tooltip Messaging For State of Send Invites Button (21/12/2016)

Updated the tooltip error messages for the Send Invites button on the Billing Statuses page in Commitments (Commitment Progress Claims). The button will now be disabled with a message of "Invites cannot be sent because it is passed the billing date." or "Invites cannot be sent because there is no billing period with the status of open." The button will now be enabled if an open billing period exists and the commitment progress claim has not yet passed it's billing date.

Added 'Contract Company' Filter To Billing Statuses Page (16/12/2016)

Updated the Billing Statuses page in the Commitments tool to add a 'Contact Company' filter.

Added Information Message To 'Commitment Progress Claim Billing Distribution' (1/12/2016)

Updated the Commitments tool to change text to say "No people assigned to contract company" when there are no users to select from the Commitment Progress Claim Billing Distribution drop-down list. 

Updated The Billing Periods View To Allow Inline Editing (30/11/2016)

Updated the Billing Periods view in the Commitments tool to allow inline editing. Users can now edit the 'Period Start' date, 'Period End' date, 'Billing Date', and Period 'Status'.  Also added an informational banner to inform the user: "There can only be one billing period with a status of 'open' on a given project." The Billing Period rules and validations still stand: (1) The Period Start date cannot be after the Period End date and (2) There cannot be two of the same Period Start date and Period End date combination.

Now Disabling The Send Invite Banner After Billing Date Passes (21/11/2016)

Updated the Commitments tool for commitment progress claims to disable the Send Invite button on the Billing Statuses page if today's date is after the current billing date.

Added Export Options To Related Items Subtab (21/11/2016)

Updated the Commitments tool for commitment progress claims to add the Export Data As PDF and CSV options to edit Related Items subtab.

Improved Tooltip On Commitments Sent To ERP Integrations Tool (7/9/2016)

Updated the Commitments tool to change the tooltip that appears on a commitment that has been sent to the ERP Integrations tool for acceptance by an accounting approver. The text on the tooltip has been changed from "Subcontract [or PO] has been sent to Sage 300" to "Subcontract (or PO) has been send to ERP". See ERP Integrations.

Contract Company Now Required On Commitments Not In 'Draft' Status (24/8/2016)

Updated the Commitments tool so that when a committed contract's status is not set to 'Draft', the user must specify a vendor in the 'Contract Company' field. The system won't save the commitment unless the requirement is met. A message will appear at the top of the edit page to inform the end user. 

Removed Void Checkbox From PVs (10/8/2016) 

Updated the Variations tool and Commitments tool to remove the 'Void' checkbox from the Variation PV and Commitments PV forms. There is now a 'Void' selection in the 'Status' drop-down list for variations so the checkbox is no longer be needed.

Fixed PDF Formatting Of Detailed View In Commitments Tool (1/8/2016)

Updated the Commitments tool to fix formatting issues in the PDF export of the Detailed view of the project's Commitments.

Updated Permissions For Progress Claims In Commitments Tool (18/7/2016)

Updated the Commitments tool to fix a permissions issue for Progress Claims. Users with 'Standard' level permissions will not be able to create, edit or delete a 'Related Item' on a progress claim.

Improved Commitments Tool List View (5/5/2016)

Updated the Commitments tool with the following improvements: (1) Updated the Commitments List view so it now shows Pending Variation calculations. (2) Added a new 'Draft' column so that draft items no longer show in the 'Pending' column. (3) Updated the Budget Variance Report to provide users with more clarity. Items previously labelled as Variations ("VARs") have been changes to Head Contract Variations ("HCVs") and Commitment Variations ("CVs").

Procore Now Adds RFQ Attachments When Creating CVs (11/2/2016)

Updated Procore so that it now automatically adds RFQ attachments to Commitment Variation (CV) when a user creates a CV from the Project level Change Events tool (see Create a CPV/CV from a Change Event), the Project level Commitments tool (see Create a Commitment Variation) or the Project level Head Contract tool (see Create a Commitment Variation from a Head Variation). 

Improved Editing Ability For CV Line Item Descriptions In Commitments Tool (11/2/2016)

Previously, when a user selected an existing commitment line item from the line item picker while editing a Commitment Variation's (CVs) Schedule of Values (SOV) on an ERP Integrated project (i.e., Sage 300 CRE), Procore would auto-populate the commitment line item's description into the Description field as a read-only value. This has been changed. Procore now auto-populates the Description, as before, but it is now editable during line item creation.​

Added Tooltip To Delete Button In SOV Subtab (19/1/2016)

Added a missing tooltip to the Delete button when it appears in the disabled state on the Schedule of Values (SOV) subtab of the edit commitment page in the Commitments tool. For ERP-integrated companies, a commitment line item that is reference by a Commitment Variation (CV) cannot be deleted and the tooltip was added to explain this.

New Columns For Custom Commitments Reports (25/1/2016)

Added new columns to custom reports feature in the Company level Reports tool (see Reports) and the Project Level Reports tool (see Reports) for reports that include data from the Project level Commitments tool. These new columns include: Pending Potential Variation Approved Potential Variation Cost Code Assignee. 

Removed Commitment Line Item Character Limits For ERP-Integrated Projects (20/1/2016)

Commitment line item descriptions are now truncated during the export from Procore to the accounting system, so users can now edit commitment line item descriptions (see Edit a Synced Commitment) inline on ERP-integrated projects (see ERP Integrations). Prior to this improvement, there was a 30 character maximum limit.

Addressed RFQ Display Issue (19/1/2016)

Addressed an issue where a user was responding to a Request for Quote and clicked Post Response in the Commitments tool and their post did not appear correctly when viewing the Request for Quote (RFQ). This is no longer an issue and responses that have been posted now appear as expected. 

Added New Variation Statuses (19/1/2016)

Added new variation statuses for use with the Head Contract (see Head Contract) and Commitments tools. The complete list of available statuses include: Draft Pending - Not Pricing Pending - Pricing Pending - In review Pending - Revise Pending - Proceeding Pending - Not Proceeding No Charge Rejected Approved.

Added Subtotal Override Column To Commitments Tool (15/1/2016)

Added a Subtotal Override column to the Head Contract/Commitment Schedule of Values for CSV imports. This allows users to quickly add values for Unit/Quantity based contracts.