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This page lists notable changes for the Project level Directory tool in 2016. 

Company And Project Level Welcome Emails Now Tailored To New Users (14/11/2016)

The 'Welcome to Procore' email that is sent to new Procore users has been updated. Now, if you add a person to the Company Directory, only the company information is detailed in the email. If you add a person to the Project Directory, the project information is detailed in the email. To see the differences between the emails, see Respond to a Welcome to Procore Email

Added Notification Banner For Character Limit On The Limit Amount Field (31/8/2016)

When a user is adding or editing insurance on a Company record and adds more than the maximum 17 characters in the 'Limit Amount' field, a banner message appears to inform the user of the character limit. See Add Project Insurance

Added Permission Template Column To CSV Exports From Directory Tool (16/6/2016)

Updated the Company and Project level Directory tools to add a 'Permission Template' column to 'Export Data As' CSV file. For the Company level export, this column displays the user's default permissions template. For the Project level, this column displays the user's permissions template for the specific project. If the user does not have a permissions template, the cell is blank.

Updated Automated Invitation Emails to Procore (23/3/2016)

Updated Procore so that there are now four (4) automated "Welcome to Procore" emails than can potentially be sent to invitees. The system will continue to send a welcome email when a user is invited to join Procore. In addition, the system will now send a single follow up email message at three (3), seven (7), and 14 days after the initial invitation date. The follow up messages are only sent if the invitee has not logged into Procore. See Invite or Reinvite a Person to a Project

'Standard' Users Can Now Edit People's Address In The Project Directory (22/3/2016)

When a 'Standard' user adds a new user to the Directory tool, they can now edit the address for that user. This update also now allows the 'Standard' user to clear the Company Information for the users they add to the Directory. The 'Standard' user must have a project permissions template applied to their user profile in order to add other users to the project. 

Standard Users No Longer Require Default Permission Template To Add Users To A Project (8/3/2016)

Updated the Project level Directory tool so that now a user with 'Standard' level permissions who also has a project permissions template applied to their user profile can now add other users to the project. This means that 'Standard' users are no longer required to have a Default Permission Template applied at the Company level. However, they must have a Project Permission Template applied for the project to which they will be adding users.

Updated Behaviour Of Invitations In The Project Directory Tool (8/3/2016)

Prior to this improvement, when a user added a person to the Project level Directory tool, Procore would automatically send the person an invitation to join Procore. Now, Procore will only send an email invite to a person when the person is explicitly invited to join Procore. To invite a person to join Procore, users with 'Standard' level permissions to the Directory must either: (1) Click the Save and Send Invitation to Procore button when adding or editing the person's Contact Information or (2) Click the Invite button that corresponds to the person's record in the Project Directory.

Now Setting Character Limits On Job Title Field In Directory Tool (4/3/2016)

Added a change that provides users with an informational banner about character limits when entering a contact's Job Title in the Company and Project level Directory tools. If the entry is too long, the banner shows that the maximum for the field is 255 characters.

Added People Grouped By Company Sort Option To Directory Tool (4/3/2016)

Updated the Views menu in the right pane of the Company and Project level Directory tools so that when a user click the "People Grouped by Company" link, the page displays contacts grouped by company and then sorted in alphabetical order by last name. See View Directory.

Fixed Broken View Insurance Link In Expiring Insurance Notifications (3/3/2016)

Fixed an issue with the Expiring Insurance notification email sent from the Directory tool. Prior to this fix, the View Insurance link in the email message was not functioning properly. Now when a user clicks a View Insurance link, the user is directed to the expected page so they can update the vendor's insurance information. See Insurance Notification Emails

Improved Performance Of Suggested Companies in Project Level Directory Tool (2/3/2016)

Updated the Project level Directory tool so that when users with 'Admin' level permissions add a company to the Project Directory, the suggested companies that have already been added will appear faster now.

Fixed Column Display in Project Level Directory (21/1/2016)

Addressed a column display issue that was occurring with Vendor data exported from the Company level or Project level Directory tool. For Vendor data, the Company Name was listed under the 'Last Name' column instead of the 'Company Name' column as would be expected. This has been fixed.