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This page details notable changes to the Project level Documents tool for the year 2015.


  • Delete Multiple Documents (29/12/2015). Users now have the ability to delete multiple documents all at once in the Documents tool. This no longer requires that a user with 'Admin' level permissions to the Project level Admin tool select the Enable Deletion of Multiple Docs check box.
  • Added Sorting Capability to the Documents Tool (19/12/2015). When viewing the contents of a folder, the Documents Register now sorts alphabetically by folder name. Users can click on a column header to sort the table on the register page alphabetically. In Documents view, the default sort order is from most recent version first. 


  • Ability to Add Users To Permissions List For Folder/Document Via Distribution List (7/15/15). Users can now be added to the permissions list for a folder/document via a distribution list.


  • Improved The Performance Of Document Search (25/6/2015). This branch improved application performance and should reduce database load for document searches executed by a standard user. This will increase the speed of the search. We are following up on more speed improvements in the future.
  • Added The Training Video for Procore Drive to Project Documents Tab Sidebar (25/6/2015). Added the Procore Drive training video to the right action bar of the Documents tool.


  • Inactive Users No Longer Counted in Documents Permissions List (03/24/15). If a user is made inactive in the Directory tab, they will no longer be counted in the list of people on a Documents folder permissions list.


  • Added Folder Watchers List For Documents  (02/2015). In the Documents tool, there is now a widget added to the file/folder view page that allows 'Admin' level users to manage the users "watching" the file/folder. Watchers receive notifications via email when changes are made to the object they are watching. To learn more, see Track a File/Folder in the Documents Tool.​