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Below are the notable changes to the project's Drawings tool in 2018.

Add Observation Pins to Drawings (26/11/2018)

Added an observation pin to the markup toolbar to be able to link observations to a drawing.

Added Ability To Download Deleted Drawings With Filtered Markup (29/10/2018)

Updated the Drawings tool to allow users to download deleted drawings with filtered markup.

Removed Sidebar on Drawings Areas Page (15/10/2018)

Moved the elements in the sidebar to the top of the page and removed the right sidebar altogether on the Drawing Areas page.

Bulk Confirm Drawings (4/10/2018)

Updated the Drawings tool to add the ability to bulk confirm drawing revisions on the review page. See Review Drawings.

Removed Drawings Mechanical Turk Setting On Tool-level (19/9/2018)

Removed tool-level mechanical turk setting on the Drawings tool.

Removed Company Level Mechanical Turk Admin Settings (11/9/2018)

Removed Company level Admin settings for Mechanical Turk. Mechanical Turk is an old setting that Procore no longer uses to review drawings. Procore now uses OCR.

Sort Drawing Revisions by Date (21/8/2018) 

Drawing revisions can now be sorted by Drawing Date. They can also be sorted using a drag-and-drop operation during review stage and while viewing a drawing.

Updated Set Name As Hyperlinks In All Sets and Revisions Report (18/8/2018) 

Updated the “All Sets and Revisions” report so there are now clickable links to the set names on the top title bar in order to hyperlink back to the reference Drawing Set.

Renamed 'More Information' to 'Go to Info Page' in Fullscreen Viewer (20/7/2018)

Renamed 'More Information' to 'Go to Info Page' in the Drawings tool Fullscreen Viewer to be more clear of the link's destination.

Added a Lasso Tool to Markup (8/6/2018)

Updated the Project level Drawings tool to add a new markup tool called the "Lasso" tool. This allows the user to draw freeform shapes around the markup items they would like to bulk select.

Updated Tooltips on Markup Toolbar (22/5/2018)

Updated the Drawings tool to change the direction of the markup toolbar's tooltips from the right side to below.

Added a Confirm Delete Message on Drawings Markup Viewer (16/5/2018)

Updated the Drawings Markup Viewer to add a popup message that ask users to acknowledge a confirm delete message linked items.

Added a Progress Indicator to Show the Update Status of Adaptive OCR (3/5/2018)

Updated the Drawings tool's Review page to add a progress indicator (i.e., spinner) to the area on the left. This better communicates to end users the system's progress for adaptive OCR updates on drawings.

Added Ability to Edit Published Markup (20/4/2018)

Updated the Project level Drawings tool to allow users with 'Admin' level permission to edit published markup. This capability is also available to users with 'Standard' level permission if they are the user who published the markup. This capability supports linking, editing colour/stroke/fill, changing text and deleting. It also supports multi-select markup.

Moved Buttons On Review Page (19/4/2018)

Updated the Drawings tool to move the Confirm and Delete buttons on the review page up so they are directly below the last input field.

Increased Zoom Level in Drawings Review Page (17/4/2018)

Updated the Drawings Review page to allow users to zoom out more.

Download Drawings With SmartMarkup (11/4/2018)

Updated the Project level Drawings tool so that now, when users click the Download Drawings button, a window appears to give end users the option choose to download drawings with or without SmartMarkup. This was previously a beta feature that is now available to all Procore users. See Download Drawings.

Updated The Drawings Tool So Closed Defect Pins Show Grey On Vector Export (30/3/2018)

Updated the Vector Export feature in the Drawings tool to change defect pins to grey when the defect item is closed.

Drawings Tool Now Supports Partial Matching For Vector Hyperlinks (7/3/2018)

Updated the Drawings tool to add the ability for Procore's automatic vector hyperlinking feature to partially match drawing numbers when creating callouts on a drawing. See Automatic Drawing Sheet Linking.

Added New Banner To Alert User About Maximum Number of Drawing Downloads With Smart Markup (14/2/2018)

The Project level Drawings tool permits you to download a maximum of 1000 drawings with smart markup. If your download attempt exceeds this limit, a banner appears to alert you of this limit. 

Added Multi-Select Markup to Drawings Tool (9/2/2018)

Updated the Drawings tool's Fullscreen Viewer to add the ability for users with publishing access to be able to press SHIFT + Click to bulk select and publish or delete markup. Users without publish access will now have the ability to SHIFT + Click their personal markup and have the option to bulk delete. Also, if a user tries to delete markup elements with attachments, a message appears to confirm the delete action.

Added Scrolling on Drawing Review Page with UP/DOWN Arrow Keys (5/2/2018)

Users can now scroll through the drawings on the Drawing Review page by pressing the UP/DOWN arrow keys on their computer's keyboard.

Download PDF Drawings with Smart Markups from Email Messages (5/2/2018) 

When sending a drawing to a project users from the Drawings tool, your recipients can now click the 'Download Markup' link in the message to download a PDF copy of the drawing that now supports vector-based smart markup. Note: Keep in mind that smart markups on drawing files only show the markups that were present at the time the email was sent. This is a follow-on update related to Drawings: Download with Smart Markup.

Redesigned the Upload Window for the Photos Tool (30/1/2018)

Updated the project's Photos tool to redesign the window used to upload a photo. This new window improves the user experience by providing you with the ability to perform the following tasks all at once: upload a photo, select a trade, choose the album for the upload and attach a location.

Added a 'Confirm All' Button to New Review Page (26/1/2018)

Updated the New Drawing Review Page to add a new 'Confirm All' button that allows users to confirm uploaded drawings in batches of ten (10).