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Approve Head Contract Progress Claim (Legacy)

 Legacy Content
This page details the legacy owner progress claim experience. A modernised experience is also available. 


If you are the project owner of a Procore project that is being managed in a head contractor's Procore account, your contractor might send you a PDF copy of the Detail tab of an head contract progress claim. In some events, the progress claim might only be shared with you for informational purposes. In other events, the contractor might send you the PDF copy of the progress claim to request your approval in writing. 

If you are an owner and have been asked to review your contractor's progress claim, you will receive a message with a subject line that resembles this one: "FW: Owner Progress Claim: #1 for Head Contract #1 - 30/08/20 - 05/09/20." To indicate your approval, follow the steps below.


  1. Locate the email message in your Inbox and open it. 
  2. Choose from these options:
    • Click the View PDF link. This opens a PDF copy of the application and certificate for payment. 
    • Click the View This Owner Progress Claim link to review the progress claim in Procore. 
      • If you are not currently logged into Procore, you will be prompted to enter your login credentials. 
      • If you do not have login credentials to the head contractor's Procore account, you will not be able to view the progress claim in Procore. 
  3. Review the contents of the progress claim. 
  4. Optional.  If you want to reply to the email to confirm your approval or rejection in writing, click Reply and enter the appropriate message. This sends your email to Procore's reply-to address for the progress claim and stores a copy of your reply in the Emails tab of the head contract in Procore.
  • After the head contractor receives your approval by email, the status of progress claim must be manually updated to 'Approved' by the contractor.