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  • Added Edit Button In Custom Reports Page (21/12/2015). Added an Edit button in the top right pane of the Custom Reports view page. When a user clicks this button, the system displays the Step 1: Set the Details of the Report page. Any existing report information is pre-populated in the page. 
  • Added Delete Report Capability In Custom Reports (16/12/2015). Added a Delete Report button for the custom reports feature in the Reports tool. The new button displays at the top of the right navigation pane when viewing a generated report.
  • Added Capability To Define Aggregate Functions In A Custom Report (15/12/2015). Users now have the ability to create group aggregations for custom reports. After selecting a group field, users can select the upper right corner icon in a column (f(x)) to define an aggregate function. For numeric values, available functions include: count(), sum(), min(), max() and avg(). All other field types include count().
  • Added Custom Report Capabilities for Users with 'Admin' Level Permissions (2/12/2015). Users with 'Admin' level permission on the Reports tool now have the ability to add Custom Reports that include data from the Submittals, Commitments, Variations, Inspections and Head Contract tools. Reports can be exported from Procore into Microsoft Excel. Custom Reports are visible only to the account that created the report. 


  • Displayed Reports Section On Head Contract and Commitments When Budget Is Turned On (10/22/15). On the Head Contact tabOverdue Head Contract Variations, Unexecuted Head Contract Variations and Head Potential Variations by Change Reason. ​On the Commitments tab: Budget Summary, Committed Cost Report, Variation Reconciliation Report and Progress Claim by Date. ​On the Variation tab: Variation Reconciliation Report, Unexecuted Head Contract Variations, Overdue Head Contract Variations and Head Potential Variations by Change Reason.


  • Renamed Contract & Change Management Section On Reports Tool (9/30/15). Renamed the "Contracts & Change Management" section on the Reports tool to "Financial Reports."



  • Added "Created On" as Column and Date Range Filter Option in RFI Custom Report (5/29/15)
    Added new "Crated Date" column to RFI Custom Reports, as well as a new date filter called "Created Date" for RFI Custom Reports.

  • Added Ability to Select Default Grouping on Submittal Custom Report (5/20/15)
    Added ability to group on Submittal Custom Reports by the following fields: Spec Section, Created By, Responsible Contractor, Package Name, Status and Location.

  • Email Submittal Custom Report From Custom Reports Show Page (5/13/15)
    Added ability to share submittal custom reports from the custom reports show page.