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View Bids in Your Free Procore Account

Limited Release
The Procore Construction Network is currently only available in the United States.


When you register for a free Procore account and list your company on the Procore Construction Network, your company can be invited to bid on projects. You, and other members of your company can view bids on the Bid Board when you log in to your free Procore accounts.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Member' permissions or higher for the Procore Construction Network account AND invited to the relevant bid.


  1. Log in to your free Procore account.
  2. Click Bid Board.
  3. View bids and information:
    • By default, bids are organized within the following tabs in the Bid Board:
      • Invitations: Bids that you have been invited to using Procore.
      • To Do: Bids that have the status set to To Do.
      • Estimating: Bids that have the status set to Estimating.
      • Submitted: Bids that you have submitted in Procore.
      • Awarded: Submitted bids that have been awarded or accepted.
      • In Construction: Bids that have the status set to In Construction.
      • Complete: Bids that have the status set to Complete.
      • Delayed: Bids that have the status set to Delayed.
      • Lost: Submitted bids that were not accepted.
      • Archived: Any bids that you have selected 'Will Not Bid' as the bid intent are moved to the 'Archived' tab.
        Note: If you decide later that you do want to submit a bid, you can change your Bid Intent and the bid will move back to the 'Invitations' tab.
    • The following information is shown for each bid:
      • Name: The name of the bid package. This link can be clicked to take you directly to the bid package in Procore's Planroom tool, where you can submit a bid.
      • Project: The name of the project associated with the bid package.
      • Bid Requestor: The name of the company and email of the person who sent the bid invitation.
      • Walkthrough Date: The date selected for a walkthrough of the project.
      • Bid Due Date: The date selected as the due date for the bid.
      • Bid Intent: A drop-down menu where you choose 'Undecided', 'Will Bid', or 'Will Not Bid' for your bid intent.