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Meetings: New Granular Permissions Added for the Meetings Tool

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: November 3, 2021  /  Feature Released: November 15, 2022  

New Granular Permissions Added for the Meetings Tool

Procore has added new granular permissions for the Meetings tool that can be applied to permission templates in the Company level Directory tool. See Grant Granular Permissions in a Project Permissions Template. Added granular permissions include:


  • Add Comment to Meeting. Grants users the ability to add comments to meetings. 
  • Delete own Comment on a Meeting. Grants users the ability to delete comments they have made on a meeting.
  • Create Meeting1. Grants users the ability to Create Meetings, filling out the relevant details of the meeting, set up video conference links, location, start/finish times and add attendees. See Create a Meeting.
  • Distribute Meetings. Grants users the ability to Distribute the Agenda and the meeting minutes. Distribute a Meeting Agenda and Distribute and Redistribute Meeting Minutes.
  • Update Meeting1. Grant users the privilege to update all meetings that they have access to view (either that the user created, private meetings the user is an attendee for or public meetings that the user has access to). This also allows the user to transition the meeting from Agenda to Minutes and vice versa.
    Note: if a user has Create permissions but does not have Update permissions, the user will be able to create a meeting but as soon as that item is created they won’t be able to make changes to the meeting details. See Edit a Meeting
  • Manage Meeting Items1. Grants users the privilege to Create, Update and Delete Meeting Items within the Meeting Categories. See Edit a Meeting Item.
  • Manage Meeting Categories. Grants users the privilege to Create and Delete Meeting Categories for the Meeting. The exception is that the ‘Uncategorized Items’ Category cannot be deleted. See Add a Meeting Category and Delete a Meeting Category.
  • Manage Related Items for Meetings. Grants users the privilege to add or delete related items for meetings when granular permission is turned ON. Add a Related Item to a Meeting.
  • Email Meeting. Grants users the privilege to email meetings. 

    Permission available on the mobile application. All other Meetings granular permissions only take effect on the web application.

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