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New! Support for Unique Entity IDs in Single Sign-On

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Released: December 7, 2022


Support for Unique Entity IDs in Single Sign-On is now available!

Users can now set up separate SSO configurations across multiple Procore company instances while using a single Identity Provider (IdP) tenant, by leveraging Unique Entity IDs.

Why is this important?

You can now provision access to multiple enterprise apps through your identity provider for various groups within your organisation (like subsidiary companies) - all using a single IdP tenant. This means a Procore Directory admin for one company instance doesn't have to reach out to the admin of another instance where SSO is configured to take actions like editing a user's login email. With a unique SSO configuration residing in your own instance, users with a login email domain specific to that subsidiary/instance can be managed by the appropriate administrator, instead of requiring cross-communication between Procore administrators within a company who oversee different instances.

Key Consideration

An email domain can still only be targeted once, in a single company's SSO configuration.

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