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Can a person be associated with multiple vendor/company records in the Company Level Directory Tool?


No. Within a single organization's Company level Directory tool, each person with a user profile is uniquely identified in that organization's Procore account by their email address (see Add a User to the Company Directory). Additionally, each person in that organization's Company level Directory tool can be associated with only one (1) vendor/company record. For example, if your organization is a head contractor and you have a list of subcontractors that you want to add to your organization's Procore account (a.k.a., Procore company account), each employee of that subcontractor can only be associated with one (1) vendor/company record in your organization's Procore company account.

Jack Smith from ABC Concrete is a subcontractor. He performs work with two different head contractors. Each head contractor has their own instance of a Procore company account (i.e., Gold Head Contractors and Silver Head Contractors). Each head contractor must also create a company profile for ABC Concrete and a user profile for Jack Smith in their company's Directory tool. Within each company's Directory tool, Jack can only be associated with one (1) vendor/company record (i.e., ABC Concrete). In this scenario, Jack Smith may use the same email to log into each head contractor's Procore account. However, within each individual head contractor's Procore company account, Jack Smith can only have one (1) email address to use to login to that organisation's Procore instance.