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How do I access an RFI as an assignee?


I have been assigned to an RFI on a project and need to submit a reply to it. How do open that RFI in order to submit my response?


When you are an assignee on an RFI, choose one of these options to open it.

After opening the desired RFI to which you have been assigned, continue with the steps in Respond to an RFI or Add Assignees to an RFI as an Assignee on an RFI.

Open an RFI from the Action Required Email Message

In the body of the Action Required email message that you received from Procore, click the View Online link. If you are logged into Procore, this will open the RFI. If you are not logged into Procore, you will first be prompted to enter your username and password. Then the system will open the RFI. 


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Open an RFI from the Project's Home Page

At the project's Home page, click the Details link under My Open Items, as illustrated below. Then continue with Reply to an RFI.

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Open an RFI from the Company's Portfolio Tool

Navigate to the Company level Portfolio tool. Then click the My Open Items tab illustrated below. Next to the desired project, click the appropriate Details link for the RFI item. Then continue with Reply to an RFI.

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Open an RFI in the Project's RFIs Tool

Navigate to the Project's RFIs tool. Then locate the desired RFI in the list and click View. Then continue with Reply to an RFI.


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