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How do I build a Training Centre?


You recently saw a live demo of the Training Centre and are interested in becoming a participant in the project group. You would also like to better understand how you can build your own custom Training Centre. What is a Training Centre?


The Training Centre product can be purchased by speaking to your Account Manager or Account Executive.



The Training Centre Roadmap: Items on the timeline in blue denote tasks that you (the client) are to perform, whereas the items in orange denote tasks that Procore's Documentation team will perform/lead.

Phase 1: Development

(about 1 week)

  •  Demo Call Procore
    During this ~45 minute demonstration, we will show you an example of a Training Centre and highlight key features such as its architectural design and how you can create custom, hybrid tutorials that intelligently reuse content from standard articles on Procore's Support site. Each call includes a Q&A session at the end.
  •  Set Up First Meeting Procore
    At the conclusion of conversations with your Account Executive, if you choose to continue with the Procore Training Centre, you will receive an email from your Training Centre Point-of-Contact (POC) that outlines how to set up a "Getting Started" meeting and next steps.
  • Getting Started Meeting Procore
    In this meeting, we will define the direction of your Training Centre and train you and/or your team on how to view and manage all aspects of your Training Centre.

Phase 2: Training

(about 4 weeks)

  •  Create Internal Roles/Processes Procore
    Your Training Centre POC will create the template and landing pages for the roles or processes defined in your first call.
  •  Bring In/Create Content Partner
    After the first training call, you'll be assigned homework to create new tutorials, Processes, etc., add reuse scripts, as well as manage existing content.  
  •  Review & Training Call #2 Procore
    Once you've completed the homework, we'll review and continue to review and identify any other internal content that is needed. After that call, your Training Centre POC will create landing pages for all the internal content that you need.
  •  Bring In/Create Internal Content Parter
    After your Training Centre POC has created the landing pages for your internal information, you'll be assigned homework to continue building out your internal content.
  •  Review & Training Call #3 Procore
    Once you have finished adding the internal content, we will review it and build out the template for the next objective, external roles.
  •  Build Out External Roles Partner
    Add content to be seen by external users. Then set up a “go-live meeting” with your Training Centre POC.
  •  Go-Live Meeting Procore
    Talk about what it means to go live and how to maintain your training centre going forward.

Phase 3: Continued Support

  •  Consultation & Support Procore
    At this point, you should be fully equipped to build out the rest of your Training Centre so that it becomes the primary support and training resource for your organisation, as well as for any collaborators (e.g. Architects, Subcontractors, etc.) that you invite to any project managed in Procore. Procore's Documentation team will be able to troubleshoot any issues related to your Training Centre. Please email all support related questions and feedback to
  •  Build Future Roles Partner
    Continue building as many roles/processes as you'd like!

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