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What is a Training Centre?


A Training Centre is a product that allows companies to build custom training material that documents its best practices and procedures in a private section on Procore's Support site and serve that content within It is the most efficient way to train your internal team and external collaborators on how to use Procore your way!

If you are interested in learning more through a demo, click HERE.

Why create a Training Centre?

Creating static Word/PDF user manuals is an outdated solution for today's web-based application. Plus, nobody has time to create an entire custom Procore user manual from scratch and then deal with the management headaches of keeping it up-to-date and making sure everyone is using the most recent version. However, in order to ensure the successful adoption and use of Procore within your organization and across all projects, it's still necessary to document and train each user on how to perform certain tasks according to your company's guidelines and best practices. Documentation continues to be the most scalable and helpful resource for educating your end-users on how to properly perform any construction management task. 

Trust us, we know you already have a busy program and the last thing you want to sign up for is to create a hundred page Procore user manual for your company. Why recreate the wheel when you can intelligently leverage and reuse existing documentation from Procore's Support site? The Training Centre is an innovative solution that gives you the control and freedom to simply focus on documenting your best practices and company-specific instructions while reusing Procore's help content such as tutorials and FAQs.


  • Work smarter, not harder
    Why recreate the wheel by creating a copy of Procore's documentation that you'll have to maintain yourself? Strategically reuse existing content on Procore's Support site.
  • Automatically inherit documentation updates
    When creating custom, hybrid tutorials where you are reusing content from standard tutorials on Procore's Support site, you will automatically inherit updates that are performed by Procore's internal Technical Documentation team as new functionality and features are added to Procore.
  • Customised in-app help 
    You are now able to serve your custom, hybrid tutorials directly in the right context of Procore's web application. For example, if you created a custom tutorial for creating an RFI in your Training Centre, you'll be able to override the standard tutorial with your white labelled version across any project in your Procore account. Train your users to develop a habit of clicking the "Help" button in Procore whenever they have a question because answers are literally just a click away!
  • Control who has access to your Training Centre
    All content in your Training Centre will be 'private' by default and will only be accessible to users with whom you've specifically granted access. However, you can create content that's 'unlisted' which allows you to grant access to a larger group of users with direct URLs.
  • View User Analytics
    Unlike a PDF or Microsoft Word user manual where you have no idea if anyone is actually reading your custom SOPs on a regular basis, you have access to site analytics, which can be used to deduce valuable insights and opportunities for improvement. For example, our Training Management team can generate custom reports that give you insight into how often your custom Training Centre pages are being viewed as well as how many users are viewing your content. Pageviews, Users, Sessions, Pages/Session, Avg. Time on Page are just some of the captured site analytics. You can also see which keywords and phrases your users are searching for on the site, which might identify a tool or topic that your users need more training or documentation to be successful.  (Note: All user analytics are anonymous where no personally identifiable information is shared.)
  • Real-time Updates
    Make changes to your Training Centre pages at any time. As soon as you save your changes they will instantly become visible to your users. Keeping your SOPs accurate and up-to-date has never been easier. You no longer have to worry about users viewing old versions of your SOPs.
  • Create a single source of truth
    If you are creating and distributing your own Procore user manual (e.g. Word or PDF), users might be confused as to which help resource they should use to find their answer. "Should I use the Procore user manual that my project manager emailed me at the start of the project or go to"
  • Document best practices and company-specific procedures
    You are not limited to only creating Procore-specific content in your Training Centre. You can use the Training Centre to create educational learning paths for any user, which covers company policies, procedures and construction management best practices. 
  • Create custom learning paths
    Build a custom landing page type for your related job roles. (e.g. project manager, site manager, subcontractor, accounting, etc.) Typically each learning path will align with a Company level permission template in your Procore account.
  • Print-friendly PDFs
    If your users still prefer a print-friendly PDF, you can use the built-in PDF generator to create a PDF of any page.
  • You own your Training Centre! 
    Once your Training Centre is properly configured and set up by Procore's internal Technical Documentation team, the main author(s) of each company's Training Centre will be properly trained and equipped to both create and manage existing content on their own.



Example: Training Centre Homepage

example hom epage.png 


Example: Role-Specific Learning Path

learning path.png 


Example: Hybrid Tutorial



Example: In-App Contextual Help


To learn more through a demo, click here

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