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How do I prevent commitment line item overbilling on a subcontractor progress claim?


On the Detail tab for a commitment progress claim, when a line item is being billed for an amount in excess of the available funds it can potentially cause budget problems if the overbilled amount is overlooked. You can configure Procore to automatically check for overbilled line items and notify you if you attempt to overbill an item. This feature can be enabled on the Commitment tool's Settings page.


  • You must first turn off the "Allow Over Billing" feature for your project. This will prevent users from saving an progress claim if any line item is billed for more than 100% of the budgeted amount.
  • If you enable the "Prevent Overbilling on All Projects" option in the company-level Admin tool, the project-level overbilling settings cannot be changed and all progress claims cannot be overbilled. See Set the Defaults for Your Projects.


  1. Navigate to the project's Commitments tool.
  2. Click Configure Settings icons-settings-gear.png.
  3. Click Progress Claim Settings.
  4. Choose the following:
    • To prevent overbilling, remove the checkmark from the Allow Over Billing box.
    • To allow overbilling, place a checkmark in the Allow Over Billing box.
      Note: If your Procore Administrator has enabled the 'Prevent Overbilling on All Projects' setting in the Company Admin tool, that setting overrides any option selected here.
  5. Click Update.
  6. View the appropriate commitment progress claim.  Then click the Detail tab.
  7. Click Edit.
    progress claim-detail-edit.png
  8. Attempt to bill a line item in excess of 100% of the budgeted amount and then click Save. A pop-up message appears, notifying you about the invalid line item.

    progress claim-overbilled.png
  9. Adjust the amount so that the line item is not billed in excess of 100%, and then click Save.

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