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How does the 'Actuals By Date' filter work on a budget view?


When you apply the 'Actuals By Date' filter to a budget view (see Apply the View, Snapshot, Group and Filter Options on a Budget View), the filter updates the budget view to show only the cost, timesheet and production items that fall within the specific date range you define.  When applying this filter to your budget view, keep in mind that the term By Date refers to dates that fall within the date range you specify and the term Actuals refers to:

  • Actual costs: The actual costs of the goods or services with the budget line item. 
  • Actual unit-based quantities: The actual amount of materials associated with the budget line item. 

The 'Actual Costs By Date' filter looks through the columns on your budget line items to determine which columns source data from specific project tools. It then limits the line items on the display to the actual costs and actual quantities falling within your specified date range.

Important things to note about this filter include:

  • It is important to keep in mind that the column data detailed below may also be used to configure calculated columns on the budget views in your environment.   
  • Some cost, timesheet and production items in the Procore tool's affected by this feature may not have a date associated with it. To include only the line items that have dates, mark the Only Actuals with Dates checkbox. 

Below is a picture of the 'Actuals By Date' filter in the project's Budget tool. 



The 'Actuals By Date' filter considers budget line items that source data for columns from these Procore project tools: 

  • All of the columns listed in the table below.
  • Any calculated columns that use the columns below as part of the calculation. 
Column Name  Column Format Column Type Column Description Project Tool Notes
Direct Costs 1 Currency Source  Shows direct costs in the PendingRevise and Resubmit, and Approved status.  Direct Costs The 'Date' field on a direct cost determines if an item will be filtered. 
Subcontractor Progress Claims 2 Currency Source Calculates the value in the 'Job to Date' costs column of a budget view. Progress Claiming  
Installed Production Quantities Number Source Shows the quantity of installed production quantities for a budget code. Budget  
Timesheet Hours Number Source Shows all Timecard Entry Hours.  Timesheets  

1 For Procore customers using the ERP Integrations tools to sync job cost transactions into the project's Direct Costs tool, the 'Actuals By Date' filter lets you see all of the direct costs within the date range you selected. 

2 For Procore customers using the project's Invoicing tool, keep in mind that subcontractor progress claim amounts are added to Procore's Budget tool cumulatively.