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(Beta) What are custom workflows and which Procore tools support them?

 In Beta
This page details functionality that is not available in Procore's production environment. Access to the features documented here is limited to specific Procore customers who have signed the required agreement to participate in Procore's Company level Workflows Tool Beta Program. The content on this page is for informational purposes only and all information and content on this page is subject to change without any prior notice. To learn more, see About the Workflows Beta Program.


In Procore, a custom workflow is a process that defines an approval path that is unique to your business. Currently, there are two (2) ways to create a custom workflow in Procore:

  • BETA Create a custom workflow template using the Company Level Workflows Tool. If you are a beta program participant, you can create a custom workflow for select tools using Procore's self-service Company level Workflows tool. To learn how to build your own custom workflows, visit the Company level Workflows page. 
  • Engage the Procore Custom Solutions Team to develop a custom workflow as an add-on service. If you would prefer to have Procore build your custom workflows for you or if you want a custom workflow for a tool not listed below, your company's Procore Administrator can engage Procore's Custom Solutions Team. To learn more about this add-on service, visit Procore Custom Solutions

Supported Tools

The Company level Workflows tool allows you to create and manage one (1) or multiple custom workflows for use with these Procore project tools:

Procore Tool Workflow Item(s) To learn more...
Budget Budget Change







Create a Custom Workflow Template


Subcontractor Progress Claim 
Subcontract/Purchase Order
Commitment Variation - Single Tier
Commitment Potential Variation
Head Contracts  Head Contract

Head Variation - Single Tier

Head Potential Variation
Correspondence Correspondence Item