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What is the difference between 'Field Productivity' and 'Workforce Management'?


In Procore, the term icon-external-link.png Field Productivity refers to a Procore product and the term 'Workforce Management' represents the Procore product category. 

What is Field Productivity?

In construction accounting, the term field productivity is a measure of onsite execution that enables project teams to track progress against different scopes of work. It is also commonly referred to as the production rate or the amount of work that can be produced during a given period of time to remain on budget. 


The example below shows you how to calculate the production rate:

  • The output is the amount to be installed on a project. For example, 120 cubic yards of concrete.
  • The estimated amount of time to complete the work. For example, 30 labour hours. 
  • The formula for calculating product rate is Output ÷ Input = Production Rate. 
  • The required production rate to complete the work on budget is: 120 ÷ 30 = 4 cubic yards per hours

How can Procore connect our office and site teams?

Procore's easy-to-use tools are designed to connect your site team's productivity and to work with Procore's Core and Project Financials tools. When enabled in your environment, Procores Field Productivity tools (marked with an asterisk (*) below) can be found under the Workforce Management category in Procore's navigation menu. 

Procore Tool How it helps site teams...
Budget Real-Time Labour Productivity and Production Tracking. See Budget.
Site teams * Add, edit and create groups to manage your site teams. See Site teams.
Directory Stores an unlimited number of contacts and vendors. See Directory.
Documents Manage, check in/out and archive project documents. See Documents
My Time (Android & iOS) Provides individuals on your site team with the ability to clock-in/out. See My Time (Android) and My Time (iOS).
Reports Generate insights to mitigate risk and make data-driven decisions. See Reports
Tasks Manage project tasks and create to-do lists. See Tasks.
Timesheets * Track employee and site team time on web and mobile. See Timesheets.
Daywork Sheets * Document, track and ensure you get paid for out-of-scope work. See Daywork Sheets.

What happened to the 'Field Productivity' category in Procore?

Before 2019, 'Field Productivity' was a product category in Procore's user interface. This was updated to 'Workforce Management' in these Procore locations:

  • Navigation Menu: Company Tools
  • Navigation Menu: Project Tools
  • Company Level Admin Tool: Account Information Page
  • Create New Project: Tools Page
  • Project Level Admin Tool: Active Tools Page
  • Project Level Reports Tool: Reports

To learn more about Procore's product categories, see What are Procore's Product Categories?

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