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Procore Support (en-au)

What is the Procore plugin and what is it used for?


The Procore plugin is a software component that is installed for use within programs such as Autodesk® Navisworks® and Revit®. Once the plugin is installed, the respective program will have a 'Procore' tab where you can perform tasks for your project in Procore. Currently, the plugin is used with Procore's Co-ordination Issues and Models tools.

  • To use the Procore plugin, you must have access to one of the following programs installed on a Windows computer:
    • Autodesk® Navisworks® Manage (any version between 2017-2023)
    • Autodesk® Navisworks® Simulate (any version between 2017-2023)
    • Autodesk® Revit® (any version between 2017-2023)
  • The Procore plugin application must be downloaded and installed onto the same Windows computer. See Download the Procore Plugin or Download the Procore Plugin to Import Locations from Revit®.
  • Once the plugin application is downloaded, you can install one or more plugins that match the project groups you want to use.

To download the plugin to your Windows computer, click Download Now below.