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What options are available for the Gantt chart view in the Project level Program tool?


There are several different options available for adjusting your view of a project's program in the Gantt chart view, such as zoom levels, filters and configurable columns. 

See the steps below on how to use these features:

  1. Navigate to the project's Program tool.
  2. Click the Gantt tab. See View a Gantt Schedule.
    You will see a Gantt chart with horizontal bars that illustrate the amount of work done relative to the amount of time given to complete that task. The Gantt chart is organized based on your schedule's logic, see Update a Project Schedule File.
    Note: When Percent (%) Complete is enabled, the color of the bars will be filled in to indicate the percentage that is complete.

    The following options are available when viewing a Gantt chart:
  • Configure Columns
  • View Toggles
  • Filter Options
  • Zoom Levels 
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