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What people information is synced between Workforce Planning and the Procore Company Directory?


For projects using Workforce Planning you can manage your workforce using the People List in Workforce Planning. 

You have three options when creating people in Workforce Planning: 'User', 'Assignable' or 'Both'. Data syncs can be enabled between the Workforce Planning People List and the Procore Company Directory so that people added in Workforce Planning are also added to the Company level Directory.


If using Workforce Planning, all people must be managed using the People List in the Workforce Planning tool. If data syncs are enabled, the following information is synced from the People List to the Procore Company Directory:

Workforce Planning Procore
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Employee ID Employee ID
Mobile Phone Mobile Phone
Email Address Email Address
Job Title Job Title
Status Active?

Fields in Workforce Planning with no direct mapping, like Groups and Custom Fields, do not sync to the Company Directory but are available in Workforce Planning. 

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