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What report templates are available in the Reports tools?


The following categories of report templates are available to users with the appropriate permissions when they are creating reports in the Company level and Project level Reports tools:

Project Management

  • Overdue Submittals
  • Submittals by Package
  • Open Submittals by Status
  • RFI Average Response Time
  • RFIs by Status
  • Submittals Average Response Time by Responsible Contractor
  • Submittals Procurement
  • Submittals By Responsible Contractor
  • Open Submittals
  • RFIs Average Time Open
  • Open RFIs by Project - Only available in the Company level Reports tool.
  • RFI Questions and Responses
  • Lost Time Report
  • Failed Inspection Items
  • Incident Report
  • Working Hours Register
  • Site Diary Completion Report
  • Injury Report
  • Inspection Pass Rate
  • Incident Near Miss
  • Observation Near Miss
  • Open Observations
  • Open Defect List Items
  • Weather Register
  • Accident Register
  • Call Register
  • Delivery Register
  • Notes Register
  • Skip Register
  • Equipment Register
  • Inspection Register
  • Quantity Register
  • Workplace Hazards and Incidents Register
  • Visitor Register
  • Waste Register

Financial Management

  • Variation Reconciliation
  • Contracts by Status + Executed
  • Contract Workflow
  • Head PV Line Item Detail - Internal
  • Head PV Line Item Detail By Status - Client
  • Head PV Line Item Detail By Change Reason - Client
  • Contract Values - Summary per Company

Workforce Management

  • Weekly Timesheets by Employee
  • Payroll Report
  • Timesheets by Cost Code
  • Labour by Location
  • Labour Hour Trend
  • Labour Hours by Cost Code