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Which integrated ERP systems support the 'Sub Job' concept?


If your company has enabled the ERP Integrations tool for one of the supported integrated ERP systems, a sub job is a child project of a parent project. For example, a Commercial High Rise project might have a separate Low Rise Executive Office building as a child project.  Many, but not all, of the supported ERP systems utilise this concept.

For companies using the icon-erp-synced2.png ERP Integrations tool: Show/Hide  


  • Sub jobs are NOT supported.

Sage 100 Contractor®

Sage 300 CRE®

Viewpoint® Spectrum®

  • Sub jobs are NOT supported. 

Integration by Ryvit:

  • Sub jobs are NOT supported.

Yardi Voyager®

  • Sub jobs are NOT supported. 

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  • Sub jobs are NOT supported. 
For companies using the icon-erp-synced2.png ERP Integrations tool: Show/Hide  

MYOB Advanced Construction

  • To configure the ERP Integrations tool for MYOB Advanced Construction. See MYOB Advanced Construction: Setup Guide.
  • To enable sub jobs, see Enable Sub Jobs for MYOB Advanced Construction.
  • Alternatively, you can create an 'Project Task' in MYOB Advanced Construction and then import it into Procore, see Import a ERP Sub Job to a Procore Project.
  • If you are exporting a Sub Job from Procore to MYOB Advanced Construction, a code is required prior to export. Once the Sub Job has been synced with MYOB Advanced Construction, a code can no longer be applied, preventing the Sub Job from being used in the Prime Contract Schedule of Values.

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