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Why aren't my grids aligned in the Models tool?


After exporting grid lines from Revit® to Procore and viewing the model in the Models tool, the grid lines should show correctly within the context of the model origin. However, you may notice that the grid lines are offset or not showing at all.


Grid lines will not be aligned with the origin of the model if a different Coordinate System setting was selected in Revit® when exporting grid lines to the models that have been published in Procore. 

The Coordinate System setting in Revit®, which allows you to choose between Internal and Shared, directly impacts how the grid lines will appear in context to the model in Procore. For this reason, the Coordinate System setting for exporting grid lines must match the coordinates that were used in the published model. For example, if the published model was in internal coordinates, you will need to select Internal when adding the grid lines from Revit®. As long as the origins match, the grid lines should appear in the correct context of the model in Procore. 

You can check to see if the grids are off by completing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Models tool using an iPad.
  2. Tap the relevant model.
  3. Navigate to a wall in the model and tap it to select.
  4. Tap the 2D View icon-models-2d-view.png icon. 
  5. Tap an object (such as a pipe) to select.
  6. Validate that the dimensions are accurate to levels and grids.



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