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Search for and Filter Users in Your Free Procore Account (iOS)

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Limited Release
The Team tool is currently only available to users in the United States who have a free Procore account via the Procore Construction Network.


To search for and filter users in your free Procore account on an iOS mobile device.

Things to Consider

    To have a free Procore account, become a part of the Procore Construction Network (PCN).
  • To add a user in the Team tool, their email domain must match your company's email domain. 
  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'System Administrator' permissions on the Procore Construction Network account.


  1. Navigate to the Team tool using the Procore app on an iOS mobile device.
    Note: Find the 'Team' tool on any of your app's main pages: Sidebar screen, Home screen, or Project Overview screen. 
  2. See the steps below for the following actions:


  1. Click the search bar.
  2. Enter a search term (name, email address, or phone number).
    Results are automatically shown.
  3. If you want to clear the search, click the x icon.


  1. Select one or more of the following filters:
    • Sort: Choose Name Ascending or Name Descending, depending on whether you want the names listed in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order. . 
    • Status: Select Active or Inactive to filter by team members who are active or deactivated in the Team.
    • Role: Select a job role to filter by.
    • Permissions: Select a permission level to filter by.
  2. If you want to remove filters choose one of these options:
    • Click the Clear All  filter button to clear all filters. You may have to scroll left on the filter options to see the 'Clear All' button.
    • Click on an applied filter button and then click Reset