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Things to Know about the Project Financials + CMiC Connector


Each of Procore's available ERP connectors perform the basic function of syncing data between the ERP system and Procore, usually in the same way as other connectors. However, each connector has a unique set of items it can sync, and the way those items are synced will vary based on how that ERP system and its corresponding integration are built to function. 

CMiC, like all ERP integrations, has some key considerations, limitations, and things to know about how each Procore object is synced. Those considerations, limitations, and things to know are outlined in the table below according to tool or item being synced.

Things to know about the CMiC Connector

Procore Item or Setting

Considerations, Limitations, and Requirements

configuration settings & sync program

  • This integration is not automatically synced (except for Job Costs). Everything can be synced on-demand (manually) using the "Refresh" button in the Integration.
  • Settings active for CMiC Integration: Default Project Template, Cost-Type for Converting tenders, Accounting Approver Report (Other settings in Configurations do not apply).

COMPANY LEVEL work breakdown structure (wbs)

  • WBS/Cost Codes will be configured in CMiC and imported into Procore. Division codes (control codes) can be used on transactions (but this can be turned off on request).
  • Supported Cost Code Delimiters:
    •  If your company has enabled the ERP Integrations tool for CMiC, Procore permits the following cost code delimiters from CMiC:  hyphen/dash (-).

PROJECT LEVEL work breakdown structure (wbs)

  • Project-level cost codes can be exported to CMiC by adding them to the project in Procore and adding them as a line item to the budget.



  • Recommendations:
    • Always use the steps below to make sure the vendor records created in CMiC are linked to the appropriate company match in Procore. 
    • If you have a vendor record in CMiC that you will not be using in Procore, you must archive it.
  • Limitations:
    • After a vendor record from CMiC is linked to a company record in Procore, any 'Address' changes are not synced between the two systems. This is because the 'Address' in CMiC pertains to the vendor's billing address, which may be different from the mailing address that your project management team needs to use for job related correspondence


  • Projects that are in-progress or created before connection of the integration cannot be synced. Professional Services for assistance with integrating in-progress/pre-existing project records are available for an additional fee.


  • You cannot delete a Sub Job if there are cost codes tied to that Sub Job.


  • Restrictions:
    • After exporting a budget from Procore to CMiC, the import function (i.e., from CMiC to Procore) will no longer be available for that job/budget.
    • The ability to unlock the Procore budget, resend data to CMiC, add budget line items, and create budget modifications will be disabled until:
      • The export from Procore to CMiC is complete and the exported entries have been manually posted to CMiC using its Job Cost function. See your CMiC Help system for instructions.
  • Limitations:
    • After using the Project Financials + CMiC Connector to export a budget from Procore to CMiC, the import function to Procore will no longer be available for that job/budget.
    • The following functions are disabled in Procore until all synced data is visible in CMiC as the Budgeted Cost Amount.
      • The ability to unlock a Procore budget. 
      • The ability to resend data from Procore to CMiC. 
      • The ability to create a budget line item. 
      • The ability to create a budget modification. 


  • Each budget change line will be sent to CMiC as a PCI
  • Forecasting/Estimated Cost at completion is sent to CMiC as "Projected Cost/Final" amounts on the budget.



  • Prerequisites:
    • The Commitments tool must be an active tab on the project. 
  • Limitations:
    • To sync a commitment, all a Schedule of Values (SOV) line items must be tied to a cost codes and categories from your ERP-synced lists of Standard Cost Codes and Cost Types.
    • Commitments synced to CMiC will NOT contain details regarding tax codes. 
    • All Commitments Exported to CMiC must be Posted.


  • To add a Schedule of Values (SOV) line item to a CCO, it must be tied to an existing cost code and category.
  • If a line item on a CCO creates a new line item on the original contract, that new line item will not be reflected on the CMiC contract. However, the CCO's line item will still be sent to CMiC. 
  • All CCO's Exported to CMiC must be Posted

subcontractor progress claims

  • Minimum Progress Claim Requirements:
    • Before you can send a progress claim from the Commitments tool to the ERP Integrations tool, the progress claim must be in the Approved, Approved as Noted, or Pending Owner Approval status. 
  • Additional Information:
    • Billing Date. This date in Procore is transferred to CMiC as the Date on a bill. 
    • Progress Claims with a total amount of zero dollars cannot be sent to CMiC. These progress claims will not be synced when exported. 
    • Retention Release progress claims can be created and exported to CMiC with the integration. 


  • Head Contracts can be imported or created manually. Values will be imported from the Revenue budget, and to use the PCCO feature there must also be a contract in CMiC.
  • If you choose to update the Head Contract in CMiC, you will need to manually sync and re-import your changes to Procore. 
  • You will not be able to re-import a Head Contract when:
    • The Head Contract is in an unapproved state. 
    • The Head Contract does not belong to a synced job.
    • The Head Contract has inadvertently been added to two projects in your company's Procore account. 


  • PCCOs are sent to CMiC as a PCI (your Integration Implementation point of contact can set the PCI type).
  • PCIs will be sent as un-posted and can either be posted or added to an OCO.
  • Requirements:
    • There must be a Contract set up for the Project/Job in CMiC.
    • The Date field on a HCV is required.
    • The HCV must be in the 'Approved' status.
    • For each associated line item that you add to the change order's Schedule of Values (SOV), you may designate a unique associated Head Contract line item or the same associated Head Contract line item for all change order line items.
    • Horizontal and vertical markups are allowed. 


  • Job costs are synced automatically on a custom program (default setting is every 4 hours).
  • Job Cost transaction details and PDFs are not currently included in Job cost imports. We recommend sharing additional reports with anyone that does not have access to CMiC.


  • Forecasting will write the Estimated Cost at Completion amount to Projected Cost/Projected Final in CMiC.

Custom Settings Available on Request

  • Custom Subcontract & Purchase Order Type
  • Currency Code Type
  • CM (PCI) type for PCCOs
  • CM (PCI) Type for Budget Changes
  • Enable/Disable Revenue-only PCCOs
  • Enable/Disable Selectable divisions/control codes
  • Enable/Disable Head Contract Imports
  • Enable/disable vendor exports
  • enable/disable commitment exports
  • Custom Job Cost Sync Program
  • Custom Budget Line Item Sync Program