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Company Timesheets - Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Company level Timesheets tool. 

Recent Changes

Intuitive Start & Stop Times for Split Time Entry (07/11/2023)

When you split a time entry in the Company level Timesheets tool, an additional timecard entry is automatically created with the remaining hours of the original timecard. You can continue to add entries to match the work performed as long as the Total Time of the original timecard entry remains the same. See Reallocate Timecard Entry Hours for an Employee.

Employee ID Column and Filter (10/10/2023)

Procore has added an Employee ID column and filter to Company level Timesheets. You can choose to show or hide the column. With the Employee ID field, you can more easily select the correct employee if there are employees with the same name. Additionally, you can filter by 'Employee ID' and select 'None' to identify if there are employees that need an employee ID added to match your payroll solution. See Customize the Column Display in the Company Level Timesheets Tool.

Improved Export for QuickBooks® 2022 and After (28/04/2023)

Procore has updated the export files for QuickBooks® Desktop to improve the experience for customers importing their time entries into an upgraded version of QuickBooks® Desktop. Configure your Company Timesheets Payroll Settings based on your QuickBooks® Desktop version. After you Export Timecard Entries from Procore, you can seamlessly Import Procore Time Entries into QuickBooks® Desktop.

Default Cost Types for Timecards and New Defaults for ERP Synced Projects (20/03/2023)

Procore has updated the default cost type for time entries so that time entries more seamlessly connect with your projects' work breakdown structure so that they can display in your budget.

Additionally, Procore is introducing a new setting so that you can define what ERP synced cost types to apply to timecards on your ERP integrated projects so that they can seamlessly integrate with your ERP system. Learn more in this Announcement.