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Configure Default Assignment Alerts for Workforce Planning


To configure your company's default alerts for assignments made in Workforce Planning.


An assignment alert is a notification that can be sent to your workforce to notify them of new and edited workforce assignments. In Workforce Planning settings, you can set up default assignment alerts that automatically include specific pieces of information about a project and the assignment each time an alert is sent.

Things to Consider


  1. Navigate to the Company level Workforce Planning tool.
  2. Click the Configure Settings icons-settings-gear.png icon.
  3. Select Assignment Alerts.
  4. Select Default Content.
  5. Enter the information you would like to include in the Subject and Message.
  6. Select the Dynamic Tokens that you want to appear in your alerts, to customise the information for the Person receiving the assignment alert.
    • Assignee's Name. The first and last name of the assignee.
    • Assignee's Email. The email address of the assignee.
    • Assignee's Phone. The phone number of the assignee.
    • Assignee's Job Title. The job title of the assignee.
    • Assignment Start Date. The start date of the assignment.
    • Assignment End Date. The end date of the assignment.
    • Assignment Start Time. The start time of the assignment.
    • Assignment End Time. The end time of the assignment.
    • Assignment Work Days. The work days of the assignment.
    • Project Name. The name of the project.
    • Project Address. The project's address.
    • Project City. The project's city.
    • Project State. The project's state.
    • Project Postcode. The project's postcode.
    • Project Country. The project's country.
    • Project Number. The Project Number.
    • Project Status. The project's status.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Optional: To allow recipients to respond to assignment alerts, select Response Config. Then, move the toggle for 'Allow Recipients to Respond to Assignment Alerts?' to the ON position.
    Note: Responses appear in Workforce Planning under Communications and Alerts. See Manage Open Assignment Alerts for Workforce Planning.
    1. Select How many predefined responses you would like to display. You can select up to three (3).
    2. For each option, configure the following settings:
      • Response Word. Enter the word the recipient should use to respond.
      • Descriptor Text. Enter a description for what the response word means.
      • In-App Colour. Select a colour to visually represent the response when viewing Alerts. Then click Choose. See Manage Open Assignment Alerts for Workforce Planning.
  9. Click Save.