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Configure Tags for Workforce Planning


To configure tags for people and projects in Workforce Planning.


Tags are specific criteria that can be added to both people and projects in Workforce Planning. Tags can be filtered to help you organise and quickly find people and projects that match that criteria. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions
  • Tags can be categorized.
  • Tags can be assigned to people, projects or requests.
  • Tags for people and projects can appear when their QR codes are scanned. See Configure QR Codes for Workforce Planning.
  • Expiration dates and warnings for upcoming expiration dates, can be configured with tags to alert when items such as certifications may be expiring. See How do I use tags with expiration dates in Workforce Planning?
    • Expiration dates are only tracked for people, not projects.
    • For users to receive alerts about expiring tags, you must configure a notification profile and assign the profile to the user. 

Create tags for qualifications that people and projects need on a worksite, such as an OSHA certification or badging access. They are easy to see when scheduling and can be viewed when a QR code is scanned on a worksite.

Example: Tracking Certifications

  • Create a certification tag that employees must have on a worksite.
  • Configure the tag with expiration dates to track people's certifications so that they're always current.
  • Attach documents, like their certificate, to tag to maintain a record of the certification.

Example: Badging

  • Create the badging tag needed for a project (Airport, School District, etc.) and assign it to the project and to the people who are authorised to work on the project.
  • When filling requests for the project, filter your available people by the project's badging tag.


  1. Navigate to the Company level Workforce Planning tool.
  2. Click the Configure Settings icons-settings-gear.png icon.
  3. Click Tags.
  4. Optional: To group tags in categories, click the Group Tags in Categories? toggle to ON.
    1. To create a new tag Category, click New in the 'Categories' section.
    2. Enter the Category Name.
    3. Click Save.
  5. In the Tags section, click New.
  6. Configure your tag with the following properties:
    1. Name*. Enter the name of the tag.
    2. Colour. Enter the colour of the tag.
    3. Require Expiration Date. Mark this checkbox if the tag requires an expiration date.
      Note: If requiring an expiration date, the expiration date needs to be added when adding the tag to a person's profile. This is commonly used to track a person's certifications. For more information, see How do I use tags with expiration dates?
    4. # Days Warning Ahead of Expiration. Enter the number of days in advance the person will be notified when their tag is expiring.
    5. Globally Accessible to All Groups. Mark this checkbox if you want to make this tag available in all groups. See Configure Groups for Workforce Planning.
    6. Groups*. If you choose not to make the tag available to all groups, select which groups should have access to the tag.
    7. Abbreviations (5 Characters). Enter the tag's abbreviation.
    8. Categories. If you chose to categorise your tags, select the categories in which the tag should appear.
  7. Click Save.