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Export the Availability Look-Ahead Report


To export the Availability Look-Ahead report in Workforce Planning.


When planning workforce assignments, you can export reports that help you understand the availability of your workforce. The Availability Look-Ahead report displays what people are currently available for assignments, as well as the date that people with current assignments become available for new assignments. You can export the report to one of the supported file formats.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
  • Supported File Formats:
    • Comma Separated Values (CSV)
    • Portable Document File (PDF)
  • Additional Information:
    • Only people with a job title are included in the Availability Look-Ahead report. 
    • People listed in the report are grouped by job title.
    • The information in the report reflects your access to information in Workforce Planning.



Follow these steps once you have filtered and configured your report:

  1. Navigate to the Company level Workforce Planning tool.
  2. Click Reports and select Availability Look-Ahead.
  3. Select the Job Titles you want to see availability for.
    Note: The filters available reflect the Job Titles that have been configured. See Configure Job Titles for Workforce Planning.
  4. Configure your report:
    • How many assignments out would you like to show? Select whether to show 1, 2 or 3 assignments per person.
    • Assignment Column(s) Colour. Select the colour to differentiate the assignments in the report.
    • What format would you like for people's names? Select the format to display the person's name.
    • Display employees' employee number? Move the toggle to the ON position to display the employee number in the report.
    • Display employees' job title? Move the toggle to the ON position to display the job title in the report.
    • For each assignment, what columns would you like to display? Mark the checkboxes to display the following information in the report:
      • Project Name. The project name.
      • Project Number. The project number.
      • Assignment Start Date. The assignment start date.
      • Assignment End Date. The assignment end date.
      • Assignment Duration. The duration of the assignment.
      • Assignment Status. The assignment's status. See Configure Assignment and Request Statuses for Workforce Planning.
      • State/Province. The state or province of the employee.
      • Role. The person's job title.
        Note: This is only an option if you chose multiple job titles.
    • Would you like to show a "Available After" date for each resource? Move the toggle to the ON position to display next date the person is available to be assigned.
    • Sort Job Titles by soonest "Available After" date? Move the toggle to the ON position to sort job titles by the soonest "Available After" date.
  5. Click the export icon-export-wfp.png icon, then select to download a PDF or CSV
    • If exporting a PDF, select the page orientation and paper size.
  6. Click Export PDF or Export CSV.
    • Note: If a report does not immediately download, you can check the status by navigating to Reports and Queued Downloads.