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Below are the notable changes to the project's Drawings tool in 2021.


New Fields for Custom Reports on Drawings (09/11/2021)

Procore has added new fields to use for custom reports on Drawings in the Project and Company level Reports tools: Status, Current, Confirmed Date and Confirmed By. See Create a Custom Project Report or Create a Custom Company Report.

Previously, only published drawings could be reported on. With this release, a new 'Status' column shows whether a drawing revision has been Published or remains Unpublished. As a result, you’ll notice a larger amount of drawings in your reports than before. However, you can add a filter for Status: Published to your reports if you only want to view published drawings. Additionally, you can now add a new column for Current, which will indicate on your report whether a Revision of a drawing or specification is current or outdated.

Prior to this update, the data of who uploaded, reviewed and presumably published a drawing was all labelled as Published By. In order to provide you with more powerful information, Procore has added Confirmed By, Confirmed Date and Current columns.
Note: The data that was previously contained in the Published By column will be relabelled as Confirmed By on Drawings. Therefore, the Published By column will be blank, but will populate with data automatically going forward.

Visual Changes To The Markup Selection Options (23/04/2021)

Procore has updated the colour and design of the markup options that are shown when a markup is selected on a drawing in the Drawings tool. See Mark Up a DrawingLink Items on a Drawing, or Edit Drawing Markups.

Enhanced Zoom In/Out for Drawings Web Viewer (25/02/2021)

Procore has updated the web viewer for the Drawings tool to be smoother and more consistent when zooming in and out of drawings. Zooming in and out will now move at the same speed when using a scroll wheel on a mouse or a trackpad. See View Drawings.

Added 'Set Name' Filter to the Drawings Tool (21/01/2021)

Procore has added the ability to filter the drawings register by sets. You can now select 'Set Name' from the filter drop-down to view drawings by specific drawing sets. See Search for and Filter Drawings.