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Below are the notable changes to the project's Estimating tool in 2021.


New Estimating setting to Change the Currency Symbol for Projects (16/12/2021)

Procore has added a new global 'Currency Symbol' setting to the Estimating tool's Configure Settings page. See Configure Settings: Estimating. Users with 'Admin' permissions to the Estimating tool in Procore can now enter the preferred currency symbol in the field to reflect on all estimates across projects in the account.

Ability for Multiple Users to Work on Project Estimates (13/12/2021)

Procore has updated the Estimating tool to allow multiple users to work on different estimates in the same project. Instead of all project estimates being locked in 'read only' mode while a estimate is being edited, only that estimate is locked. If another user at your company is already working on an estimate, you will see a banner indicating you are in 'read only' mode. However, you can create or edit another estimate for the project or choose to click 'Kick User Out' if necessary. See Add an Estimate.

Estimating Data Now Included in Procore Project Templates (10/11/2021)

Estimates from the Estimating tool can now be copied over to new projects in Procore using project templates. See Can I copy estimates from the Estimating tool to a new project? All sections of estimates will be copied over EXCEPT any data in the Quantity columns.

Note: Estimates will need to exist in the Estimating tool of the project template. See Add an Estimate. To copy estimates to new projects, make sure the project template is selected in the Template drop-down menu when creating a new project.

New 'Weight' Parameter for Takeoffs (06/08/2021)

When adding a takeoff, you can now select 'Weight' as a unit of measure for Area and Vertical Wall Area takeoffs. This allows you to input an amount of pounds per square foot for an area. This information will be reflected on the relevant estimate in the Estimating tab. You can also convert existing takeoffs to weight on estimates. See the release page for more information.

'Other' Cost Type in renamed to 'Custom' (06/08/2021)

For new and existing material cataitems, the 'Other' cataregister type now appears as 'Custom'. See Add Items to a Material Catalog.

New 'Additional Parameters' Tab for Takeoffs (09/07/2021)

When adding or selecting a takeoff, you can now select additional parameters to capture details for more complex takeoffs. The available parameters depend on the takeoff type and include options such as Volume, Slope, Paint, Piece Size and Perimeter. See the release page for more information. 

Updated Import Experience for Material Catalog Items (01/07/2021)

The import process for Material Catalogs has been updated to allow for even easier imports. You can now download a template to import material items from an Excel file or import items directly from Procore or one of the following integrations: Trade Service, TigerPaw or QuickBooks. See the release page for more information.

New Options for Take-Off Toolbars (01/06/2021)

The toolbars in the Take-Off section can now be moved or collapsed to provide more room in the viewer while performing takeoffs. Both toolbars now have an arrow to expand or collapse the toolbar, as well as an option to dock to the other side. See the release page for more information.

Add Additional Catalog Items to an Assembly Item (16/04/2021)

A new 'Items Included' section has been added for assembly items in the Material Catalogs. This allows you to add additional cataitems of any cost type to assembly items. See the release page for more information.

Select from Multiple Customers for a Tender Export (31/03/2021)

A Customer field has been added to the 'Show Tender' page that allows you to easily select the customer you want to send a tender to. Instead of having to go back to the project's Details page to change the customer, you can now select a specific customer directly from the Show Tender page each time you export the tender. After a customer is selected, the name and contact information is automatically replaced for the tender export. See the release page for more information.

Rename Project Stages (31/03/2021)

The Company Settings page has been updated to allow you to rename project stages. See the release page for more information.

Change the Cost Type of Items in the Material Catalogs (31/03/2021)

In addition to the Part and Assembly item types that were already available, the following cost types are now supported: Other, Equipment, Travel, Subcontractor and Labour. This means you can change the cost item types for items as needed, even after importing items. You can also choose from any of these cost item types when adding a new item to the Material Catalogs. See the release page for more information.

Export Takeoffs to the Drawings Tool in Procore (24/03/2021)

You can now export a project's takeoffs from Esticom directly to the Drawings tool in Procore. This feature is available for Esticom projects that already exist in Procore. If the project is not in Procore yet, you will need to export the budget from the Estimating page of Esticom, which will create the project in Procore. See the release page for more information.

You can choose to export selected pages or all pages from Esticom. The export process works in the same way that a PDF upload works for the Drawings tool in Procore. After the takeoffs have been exported to Procore, you will see the progress in Procore's Drawings tool. When the drawings are ready to review, you will need to finish the post-processing in Procore manually (set revision, discipline, etc). See Review and Confirm Drawings

Automatic Numbering for Cable Drop Takeoffs (17/03/2021)

An automatic numbering function has been added to the Takeoff section for Count by Distance and Linear with Drop takeoff types. You can now choose a prefix and suffix and the information will automatically be labelled as you add points to the takeoff.  See the release page for more information. 

Add a PDF Attachment to a Materials Catalog Item (17/03/2021)

You can now upload a PDF to attach to a new item in the Materials Catalog. After adding the PDF to the item, it can be easily viewed and downloaded. See the release page for more information.

Select a Colour and Symbol for a Catalog Item (10/03/2021)

The Material Catalogs Page Has Been Updated To Allow You To Select A Colour and symbol for new and existing cataitems. You can choose from default colours and symbols or custom ones. See the release page for more information.

New 'Insert Point' Mode for Takeoffs (01/03/2021) 

A new 'Insert Point' mode has been added to the Take-Off page. After entering this mode, you can insert additional points to an element in order to adjust the shape. Previously, additional points could only be added to takeoffs while holding down the SHIFT key on a keyboard. Having a dedicated mode for inserting points makes the feature easier to find and use. This functionality is available to use on existing 'Area' and 'Linear with Drop' takeoffs. See the release page for more information.

Add and Apply Tags to Takeoffs (19/02/2021) 

You can now create your own tags and apply them to existing takeoffs. For example, you might choose to create tags for different statuses, such as 'In Progress' and 'Completed'.  

Note: Only one tag can be applied to a takeoff at a time. Tags that are currently in use are shown in a drop-down list for the Tag field so that they can be quickly selected for other takeoffs. If you remove a tag from all takeoffs it was added to, it will no longer appear as an option in the Tag field list to select. A tag can be removed by deleting the text in the Tag field for the takeoff. See the release page for more information.

Show and Move Piece Grids for Area Takeoffs (17/02/2021) 

You can now view a grid for an area based on the piece size that you enter during takeoff. The grid from the area can also be moved to help visualise the amount of pieces that will be needed. See the release page for more information.

Add Cover and Appendix Pages to a Tender (12/02/2021) 

You can now add cover and appendix pages to tenders from a new 'Cover and appendix pages' section on the Company Settings page of a tender. After selecting an attached PDF file for the cover and appendix sections, the pages will be included at the beginning of a tender export. See the release page for more information.

Keyboard Shortcuts Added to Takeoffs (12/02/2021) 

Multiple keyboard shortcuts have been added to the Takeoff page. For markup tools with multiple options (such as the Line tool), you can press the same key to toggle between the different options. See the release page for more information.

Create Purchase Orders and SOV in Procore from Esticom Estimate (04/02/2021) 

Accounts using the Procore/Esticom integration can now create a purchase order (PO) for a Procore project directly from the estimating screen in Esticom. The Schedule of Values (SOV) with Unit-based values is automatically created from the estimate and any estimate type can be used to generate the SOV.

Previously, users needed to manually enter data or use CSV exports and imports. This release ensures that users can create a PO SOV contextually with their quantity-based estimate while performing a takeoff/estimate. See the release page for more information.

New 'Use Tax' Setting for Estimating (03/02/2021) 

In order to accommodate regions that charge tax on material cost, a Use Tax setting has been added to the Summary section of the Estimating page. See the release page for more information.

Include or Exclude Alternates from Primary Tender Total (03/02/2021)

An option has been added to allow you to include or exclude alternates and variations totals from the final tender total. This allows you to choose whether to include these costs in the final tender total, while still having the alternates and variation amounts visible on the tender. See the release page for more information.