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This page lists notable changes for the Project level Head Contract tool in 2016. 

Improved Head Contract Tool's Variation Requests PDF Export (2/12/2016)

Updated the Head Contracts tool to improve the PDF export functionality for filtered Head Contract Variation Requests (CORs). Previously, trying to export the PDF for a set of CORs more than once would cause delays in retrieving the PDF.

Reformatted the Variation Request Table In A HCV (8/9/2016)

Updated the Head Contract tool to change formatting on the Variation Request (VR) table within a Head Contract Variation (HCV). Aligned the "PCOs" column header to the left and also applied wrapping to PCOs (when there are multiple PCOs). Each PV will also now be on its own line. 

Renamed Subtabs In Head Contract and Commitments Tools (23/8/2016)

Updated the Head Contract tool (Progress Claims) and the Commitments tool (Progress Claims) to rename the G702 subtab to 'Summary Sheet' and the G703 to 'Detail Sheet'.

Changed Behaviour Of PDF Downloads From Head Contract Tool (29/7/2016)

Updated the Head Contract tool so that instead of downloading a PDF file to the computer and requiring users to open the file on their own, the PDF now automatically displays in a new browser tab. 

Modified Fields In G703 Subtab Of Progress Claims/Progress Claims (22/2/2016)

Updated the Project level Head Contract tool to fix an issue with the editable fields in the G703 subtab for Progress Claims. The editable fields in this subtab now include two decimal places (hundreths) for showing values, rather than one decimal place (tenths).

Procore Now Adds RFQ Attachments When Creating CCOs (11/2/2016)

Updated Procore so that it now automatically adds RFQ attachments to Commitment Variation (CV) when a user creates a CV from the Project level Change Events tool (see Create a CPV/CV from a Change Event), the Project level Commitments tool (see Create a Commitment Variation) or the Project level Head Contract tool (see Create a Commitment Variation from a Head Variation). 

Updated Tooltips in Head Contract Tool (29/1/2016)

Updated the tool tips that appear when hovering over cells in the Progress Claim and Progress Claims areas of the Project level Head Contract tool. This change was deployed to better assist users. 

Added New Variation Statuses (19/1/2016)

Added new variation statuses for use with the Head Contract and Commitments tools (see Commitments). The complete list of available statuses include: Draft Pending - Not Pricing Pending - Pricing Pending - In review Pending - Revise Pending - Proceeding Pending - Not Proceeding No Charge Rejected Approved.