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Below are the notable changes to the project's Head Contract tool. 

Updated Tool Tips to Reflect Variation Tiers (21/12/2018) 

Updated tool tip text for Change Events to reflect the correct variation tier for both commitments and head contracts.

Added ERP Sync Banners to Head Contract Tool (20/12/2018) 

For customers that have set up the ERP Integrations tool to work with an integrated ERP system, green banners and icons now indicate when the tool's head contract data is synced with a third party system. See What do the ERP icons mean?

Added Delete Confirmation for Markup (11/12/2018) 

When deleting markup, a popup message now appears asking the user to confirm deletion of the markup. 

Added A Drop-Down Search Field (29/11/2018) 

Updated the Project level Head Contracts tool so that end users can now select Architect/Engineer, Owner/Client and Contractor via a drop-down or search within the Search field to find a match.

Updated Progress Claims Header on Multiple Head Contracts Page (31/10/2018) 

Progress Claims in the Multiple Head Contracts table now reads Progress Claims in order to be consistent across the app.

Added Export Feature to Multiple Head Contracts Page (30/10/2018) 

Users can now export their Head Contract page to a .csv file.

Added Delete Confirmation Message for Head Contract (24/8/2018) 

Added a delete confirmation alert message to warn users that a deleted head contract cannot be retrieved.

Added Note About Pre-Filling Amounts from CVs/HCVs (22/8/2018)

Updated the "Do you want to pre-fill the Owner Progress Claim?" dialogue box to add a note that informs users it will pre-fill the amounts from approved Commitment Variations (CVs) into Head Contract Variations (HCVs)

Updated Tooltip on the Synced Filter (10/8/2018) 

Updated the tooltip on the 'Synced' filter in the Head Contract tool's ERP tab. Where there is no data to re-import, the tooltip now reads, "There are no updates to import for this Head Contract".

New 'View Progress Claim Detail' Granular Permission (7/6/2018)

Updated the Company level Directory tool to add a new ‘View Payment Application Detail’ granular permission for the Head Contract tool. This is visible and available to all Procore users and will have slightly different impacts, depending upon whether the company's project is participating in the 'Payment Application's Configurable PDF/COIL/Grouping Beta program. To learn more, see Directory: New 'View Payment Application Detail' Granular Permission for Head Contract Tool.

Export PDFs Now Include Signed PDFs from DocuSign (7/6/2018)

Updated the Project level Commitments & Head Contracts tool for the Procore + DocuSign integration. Now, when a commitment or head contract has been signed by all recipients, the Export PDF option will export the signed PDF of the contract and any attachments sent to DocuSign.

New Granular Permissions for the Head Contract Tool (25/5/2018)

Added three (3) new granular permissions for the Head Contract tool: 'Create Head Contract', 'Edit Head Contract' and 'Delete Head Contract'. The granular permissions can only be set for users with 'Standard' or 'Read Only' level permission to the Project Head Contract tool. See Grant Granular Permissions in a Permission TemplateCreate a Head Contract, and Edit a Head Contract.

Show and Hide Cost Code on Progress Claim PDF (2/5/2018) 

Updated the Configure Settings page of the Project level Head Contract tool to add a Show Cost Code on PDF checkbox. Place a mark in this checkbox to show the Cost Code column on the PDF export file for a Progress Claim. Remove the checkmark to hide the Cost Code column.

'Void' Moved to Status Drop Down List (30/4/2018) 

Updated the Variations, Commitments and Head Contract tool to remove the 'Void' checkbox from the Variation PV and Commitments PV forms. There is now a 'Void' selection in the 'Status' drop-down list for variations so the checkbox is no longer be needed. See Create a Head Contract Variation and Create a Commitment Variation CV.

Attach Non-PDF File Types to DocuSign Envelope (10/4/2018)

Added support so users now have the ability to attach non-PDF file types to the DocuSign Envelope when sending a Commitment, Head Contract, Variation, Progress Claim or Commitment Progress Claim to DocuSign for signature.

Updated Link In Email Sent From Commitments Tool (4/4/2018) 

When an end user was emailed a head contract or commitment, the email message sent from Procore, the hyperlinks in the email were not clear as to whether the link would send the user to Procore or download a PDF version of a contract. To address this issue, the 'View PDF' link underneath the 'View This Contract' has been renamed to 'View in Procore'.

New 'Contract Signer' Field in the Directory Tool for DocuSign (22/3/2018)

Updated the Company and Project level Directory tool to add a new Contract Signer drop-down list to the Create and Edit pages for company records. This new field appears in the General tab. When you select a person associated with the company from this drop-down field, the Procore + DocuSign integration will automatically populate with this person's name as a DocuSign signature recipient for contracts (i.e., the Commitments and Head Contract tools) and variations (i.e., Commitment Variation, Head Contract Variation and Head Contract Potential Variation). See DocuSign: New 'Contract Signer' Field in the Directory Tool.

Added the 'Signature' and 'Date Signed' Fields to DocuSign Envelope (16/2/2018) 

Updated the Commitments tool (Commitment Progress Claims) and the Head Contract tool (Progress Claims) to add the automatically placed "Signature" and "Date Signed" fields (tags) to the DocuSign Envelope.

Status Changes to 'Approved' After Completed DocuSign Signature (14/2/2018)

Implemented a change on the Project level Commitments tool (for work order and purchase order contracts) and also on the Project level Head Contract tool so that now the items status changes to 'Approved' after e-signatures are completed in DocuSign.

New 'Substantial Completion Dates' for Custom Head Contract Report (13/2/2018)
Updated ERP Integrations Tool's Sync For Head Contract Amount (12/2/2018)

Updated the Head Contract Amount on the 'Ready to Import' page of the ERP Integrations tool. The system now syncs new Head Contract Amount data (if available) in the integrated ERP system on each scheduled sync and each on-demand sync for the ERP-integrated project. 

Now Setting Value in Executed Field to 'No' When User Clicks Withdraw (8/2/2018)

Implemented a change that affects the Head Contract, Commitments and Variations tools so that if a user clicks 'Withdraw' on the DocuSign banner in Procore and then confirms to withdraw the Docusign envelope, the value in the 'Executed' field is set back to 'No'.

New Confirmation Messages for the Procore + DocuSign Integration (5/2/2018)

Added new confirmation messages that appear when (1) a user clicks the 'Void' button on the BLUE DocuSign Pending Banner or (2) a user clicks the 'Withdraw' button on the GREEN DocuSign Complete Banner. This new message prompts the user to confirm the void or withdraw action and appears in the Commitments, Documents and Head Contract tools when the Procore + DocuSign integration is enabled.

DocuSign Signature Completion Updates Variation Status to 'Approved' (5/2/2018)

For companies using the Procore + DocuSign integration, we've updated the Project level Commitments and Project level Head Contract tool so that now, when signatures are completed in DocuSign for a variation, its status is updated to 'Approved'. This applies to Head Contract Variations, Potential Variations and Commitment Variations. 

Added the Procore + DocuSign Integration to Progress Claims (27/1/2018)

Updated the project's Head Contract tool to team's using the Procore + DocuSign integration (see DocuSign) with the ability to sign Progress Claims. 

Enhanced Cost Code Display In Progress Claim and Commitment Progress Claim Detail (12/1/2018)

Updated the Cost Code column on the table in the Progress Claim and Commitment Progress Claim Detail tab so it is now left-aligned. Also updated the column so that if the cost code is too long to fit in the display area, an ellipsis (…) will appear to the right of the code. If a user hovers over the ellipsis, the full cost code will now appear in a tool tip.

Pre-filled Header Information For Summary Page On Owner Progress Claim (4/1/2018)

Updated the create, edit and show pages for Progress Claim. Now, the Commitment Billing Period field is the first field on the page. Also updated the create page so that the Period Start and Period End dates are prefilled with the same dates as the selected Commitment Billing Period. The Commitment Billing Period will be automatically prefilled with the last Billing Period. The progress claim number field will also be prefilled with the Progress Claim number.