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This page details notable changes to the Project level RFIs tool for the year 2015.


  • Fixed Project Name Display In Overdue RFI Email Notifications (21/12/2015). Fixed an issue where the outgoing digest email notification sent by Procore was not listing all project names for overdue RFIs as expected. Prior to this fix, if there was more than one overdue RFI, only one project name displayed in the email. After this fix, each overdue RFI shows all of the corresponding project names.


  • Added Sublocation Checkbox to Location Filter on RFI Index Page (10/22/15). Added a sublocation checkbox to the locations filter on the RFI index page. 


  • Added Ability to Select a Default Grouping on RFI Custom Reports From Report Creation (15/6/15). Added the ability to group RFI Custom Reports. Users can now group an RFI Custom Report by the following fields: Status, Responsible Contractor, Assignee, Ball in Court, Created by and Location.
  • Added Notifications Upon Creation of Draft RFIs (6/12/15). Introduced a new configuration that allows users to enable/disable notifications for when a user with 'Standard' permissions creates a Draft RFI. 
  • Added Link To Drawing On RFI PDF & Emails (6/9/15). RFIs that are linked to a Drawing will now have a clickable link to that drawing in PDF exports and any emails associated with that RFI. See Email Forward an RFI and Export the RFI Register to a PDF or CSV for more information.
  • Added Ability To Share RFI Custom Reports (6/8/15). Added the ability to share RFI custom reports. See Share a Custom RFI Report for more information.


  • Added Tool Tip To "Only Show Official Responses" RFI Configuration (5/21/15)
    Added a tool tip next to the "Only Show Official Responses" configuration that reads: "Excludes non-official responses from emails, PDFs and linked drawings".

  • Added New RFI Configuration (5/18/15)
    Introduced a new configuration to the RFIs tool so standard users will only be able to create draft RFIs.


  • Changed the Order of RFI Responses 
    The order of RFI responses has been changed to show the most recent responses at the top of the list.


  • Standard Level User Can Now Create RFI Custom Reports
    'Standard' level users can now create RFI custom reports.

  • Added Delayed PDF/CSV For RFI Custom Reports 
    RFI custom report PDFs and CSVs are now emailed out if they are over a page.​

  • Added Closed Date To RFI Custom Reports 
    A "Closed Date" column has been added to RFI custom reports.

  • Added Column For RFI Assignee Due Date Variance
    Added new column that calculates the difference between the RFI due date and its close date for an assignee. For more information, see Create/View a Custom RFI Report.