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Below are notable changes to the project's RFIs tool in 2017.

Updated the Clear Icons In Bulk Actions > Edit (21/11/2017)

Updated the RFIs tool to change the bulk editor's clear icons to an "x".

Moved Location Of Custom Fields In RFIs (10/11/2017)

If a project utilises one or both of the optional custom fields for RFIs, the fields will now appear at the bottom of the General Information section.

Replaced 'RFI Questions And Responses Report' With Export > PDF All Responses (9/11/2017)

Updated the RFIs tool to add a new PDF-All Responses option to the Export drop-down list on an RFI. This option replaces the former RFI Questions and Answers Report. See What happened to the RFIs Question and Responses Report? for more information.

Added 'Latest Assignee Response Date' To CSV Export (8/11/2017)

Updated the RFIs tool to add the "Latest Assignee Response Date" to the CSV export on the RFI list page.

Added Ability For Users To Resize Column Width (6/11/2017)

Users can now resize the columns on their RFIs table by dragging the right border of the column header.

Added A New Ball In Court Drop-down List (2/11/2017)

Added a new Ball In Court (BIC) drop-down list where users can change the assignment between: Assignees, Creator and RFI Manager.

Updated RFIs To Send Emails To New Assignees (2/11/2017)

Updated the RFIs tool so now when adding an additional Assignee to an existing RFI, only the new Assignee receives an email.

Added Linked Drawings Field (15/9/2017)

Added the Linked Drawings field to display the Drawing Number as a link for each drawing linked to the RFI.

Updated The Behaviour Of The Ball In Court Drop-down (15/9/2017)


Updated the Ball In Court drop-down list on the RFIs tool so it now lists the role type as opposed to the specific person (i.e., Creator, Assignees or RFI Manager).

Added 'RFI Manager' Field To CSV And PDF Export (15/9/2017)

Updated the RFI Export process so now the 'RFI Manager' field appears when exporting the RFI Register to CSV and PDF.

Set Ball In Court Role From Ball In Court Drop-down (13/9/2017)

Updated the RFIs tool to set the Ball In Court (BIC) person on an RFI directly from the Ball In Court drop-down list.

Added A New RFI Email (25/8/2017)

When a new Assignee is added to an RFI, that user will now receive a "You have been assigned to this RFI" email.

Added Capability To Control RFIs Row Height (21/7/2017)

Updated the RFIs tool by adding the ability for users to control the height of rows when on the RFIs list view page.

Added 'Linked Drawings' Field To All RFI View And Edit Pages (13/7/2017)

Updated the RFIs tool by adding the 'Linked Drawings' field to all RFI View and Edit pages. Before, the 'Linked Drawings' field was only visible on RFIs that actually had drawings linked.

'Admin' Users Have Option To 'Only Show Official Responses' On PDF Export (9/6/2017)

Updated the PDF Export button so now 'Admin' users will have the option to export their RFIs with either 'Only Show Official Responses' or with 'All Responses'.

Only 'Admin' Users Can See 'Recycle Bin' View (1/6/2017)

Removed the 'Recycle Bin' view for users with 'Standard' level permission or lower on the Project level RFIs tool. Now, only users with 'Admin' level permission can access the 'Recycle Bin.' See Retrieve an RFI from the Recycle Bin

Changed Default Setting For 'Only Show Official Responses' On New Procore Projects (1/6/2017)

Updated the Configure Settings page of the Project level RFIs tool to change the system's default setting for new projects. Going forward, the "Only Show Official Response to Standard and Read Only Users" checkbox will be enabled by default on new projects. See Configure Settings: RFIs.

Send Email Notification On RFI Reopening (30/5/2017)

When reopening an RFI and the 'Assignee' is set to be the BIC person, the system will send the 'RFI Reassigned' email notification to the designated 'Assignee', members of the Distribution List and the RFI Manager.

Updated 'Only Show Official Responses' Checkbox Name (23/5/2017)

Changed the 'Only Show Official Responses' checkbox label in the Configure Settings page of the Project levels RFIs tool so it now reads 'Only Show Official Responses to Standard and Read-Only Users'. Also added a tooltip to provide users with more clarity about its function.  See Configure Settings: RFIs.

Updated the 'Only Show Official Responses' Checkbox for the RFIs Tool (22/5/2017)

Updated the RFIs tool so that now, when the 'Only Show Official Responses' checkbox is selected in the Configure Settings page and users with 'Read Only' or 'Standard' permission to the tool export an individual RFI to PDF, the export file only shows the official response. For 'Admin' users, the export file shows all responses. See Export an RFI to PDF and Export the RFIs List to CSV or PDF

Added Configurable Columns to the RFIs Tool (19/5/2017)

Updated the RFIs tool to add configurable columns to RFIs. Users can now click the vertical ellipsis (⋮) on the right-side of the RFIs table (in the Items and Recycle Bin views) to open a drop-down menu that lets users show, hide and reorder columns. See Customise the Column Display in the RFIs Tool.

Restored the 'Only Show Official Responses' Configuration Setting (14/5/2017)

Restored the "Only Show Official Responses" configuration setting to RFIs so that Admins again have the ability to control how the tool is configured. When the setting is enabled, a 'Standard' creator and other users not directly assigned to the RFI will only have permission to view Official Responses. When the setting is disabled, anyone with Read Only permission or higher can view all RFI responses. See Configure Settings: RFIs.

Updated PDF Exports of RFIs (13/4/2017)

Updated the RFIs tool so that now, when a single RFI is exported to PDF, the system will only display the 'Official Response' on the PDF. If there is no Official Response set at the time of the export, the PDF will display "Awaiting Official Response." See Export RFIs

New RFI Manager Field In RFIs Tool (12/4/2017)

RFI Creators must now assign an ‘RFI Manager’ to new RFIs. The ‘RFI Manager’ acts as the information gatekeeper between the Creator and Assignee, giving the system the ability to prevent ‘Standard’ Creators from viewing Assignee responses until the ‘RFI Manager’ marks and distributes the ‘Official Response.’ To learn more, see About the New RFI Manager Field.

Updated the Options for Setting a RFI Manager in 'Configure RFI Settings' (15/3/2017)

Updated the RFI tool's 'Configure RFI Settings' page. Now, end users are presented with two option buttons when setting the default RFI Manager for the tool. These options enable users to select how the 'RFI Manager' field is populated when an RFI is created by a user with 'Standard' level permission. See About the New RFI Manager Field.

Removed the 'All' Selection From the 'Add Filter' List (8/2/2017)

Updated the RFI tool to remove 'All' from the checkbox selection for 'Status' in the 'Add Filter' list because it was redundant. Users will retain the ability to click Select All/Clear All to mark/remove the mark from all Available status checkboxes (i.e., Open, Closed and Draft). See Search for and Filter RFIs.

Cosmetic Improvements On RFI Tools PDF (8/2/2017)

Updated styling on RFI List PDFs that include Questions and Responses.

Added Chart Link To RFIs Report In Right Sidebar (25/1/2017)

Updated the RFIs tool to add the 'Chart' link under 'RFI Reports' (in the right sidebar). This opens the 'Open and Closed RFIs' chart.

Added Persistent Filters To RFIs Tool (18/1/2017)

Added persistent filters to the RFIs tool. Now, when you apply filters using the 'Add a Filter' drop-down list, the selected filters will remain in effect until you change them or click Clear All. See Search for and Filter RFIs

Updated the Training Video Link In RFI Response Required Emails (10/1/2017)

Updated the Procore Training Video link in the RFI Response Required emails. The new link is:<wbr/>v=RdQCzB_UGXo

New RFI List View (8/1/2016)

Updated the RFI tool's List page so it now includes the 'List' and 'Recycle Bin' links at the top, as well as a Search bar and the ability to Add a Filter. It also paginates. Differences in functionality are minimal and performance should not be diminished by this change. The layout uses React (similar to what was released for Submittals previously) and will also allow for the future bulk editing features. See Search and Filter for RFIs

Changed Wording In Overdue RFI Email (4/1/2017)

Changed the wording in the overdue RFI emails by changing the link from 'Click the View Online Links' to Click the Link. This is a more accurate description, as there are no 'View Online' links in the overdue email.