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Below are the notable changes to the project's RFIs tool in 2019.

New Granular Permission to View Private RFIs Associated to Users within Same Company (21/11/2019)

Procore has added a new granular permission to allow users to view an RFI marked 'Private' if another user in their company is the RFI's creator or is designated as the RFI Manager, an Assignee or a Distribution List member. See Grant Granular Permissions in a Permission Template.

Prefix by Stage Updates (30/8/2019)

On projects with 'RFI Prefix Number by Project Stage' enabled, users with 'Admin' level permissions on the RFI tool can now choose which project stages can be used for prefixing the numbers for new RFIs. See How do I configure a prefix and starting number for a project's RFIs?

Configurable RFI Fieldsets Rollout Complete (5/7/2019)

The rollout of an update that provides users with 'Admin' level permission on the Company level Admin tool with the ability to configure fieldsets and field options for the RFIs tool. A fieldset is a group of fields that determines whether data entry is Required, Optional, or Hidden. See Admin: New Configurable Fieldsets for the RFIs Tool.

Configurable Fieldsets for the RFIs Tool (5/6/2019)

The Configure Settings page of the RFIs tool now provides Procore Administrators with the ability to determine which fields are required, optional or hidden on a project. These settings are also respected on Android and iOS. 

Create RFIs with the Microsoft Outlook Add-In (17/5/2019)

Procore has updated the Microsoft Outlook add-in to provide users with the ability to create RFIs directly from Microsoft Outlook. For details, see Procore for Outlook

New Forward for Review Feature (1/4/2019) 

Procore has updated the project's RFIs tool to provide assignees with a way to forward an RFI by email, to gather more review information from subject matter experts on an aspect of your construction project. See Forward an RFI for Review.

New RFI Stage Filter (5/3/2019)

Updated the Add Filter menu in the RFIs tool to add an RFI Stage option to the list of filters. See Search for and Filter RFIs

RFI Stage Now Available as a Column (5/3/2019)

When customizing the column display in the RFIs tool, you can now add an RFI Stage column. See Customise the Column Display in the RFIs Tool

Removed the Sidebar from the RFIs Page (24/1/2019)

Procore has removed the sidebar from the RFIs page. For details, see RFIs: Sidebar Removed from the RFIs Page.

RFI Email Settings Now Carry Over to Project Templates (16/1/2019) 

Updated the RFIs tool so that now, the settings specified on the Configure Settings page under RFI Emails now carry over to new projects when using the Portfolio tool's project templates feature. See Configure a Project Template.

Procore Now Suggests a Title When Creating a Change Event from an RFI (14/1/2019) 

When you create a change event from an RFI, the system now suggests a title based on the RFI's title. See Create a Change Event from an RFI.

Added a New 'Linked Co-ordination Issue' Field (2/1/2019)

Added a new Linked Co-ordination Issue' field to RFIs. Clicking this link will launch the Co-ordination Issues tool. If you have not been granted permission to the Co-ordination Issues tool, the Linked Co-ordination Issue field will be hidden from view.