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Below are notable changes for the project's Specifications tool in 2019. 

Updated UI for Uploading and New Format Option (18/10/2019)

The Specifications tool has been updated with a more streamlined upload window and a new 'Format' field that allows you to select a format for your specification upload. The format is automatically selected based on your region, but you can choose to select 'No Format/Other Format' if your specifications are in a different format. If you select 'No Format/Other Format' for your upload, the specifications will not be split into sections by Procore. Instead, you can review and split the specifications manually or quickly publish them as a single spec section without reviewing. See Upload Specifications.

Improved Submittal Builder for International Teams (12/9/2019)

The Submittal Builder now recognises and creates submittals within Spec Books formatted as “.1" to improve usability for international project teams.

Delete Empty Divisions from the Register Page (12/9/2019)

You can now delete empty divisions from the register page of the Specifications tool. 

Added 'Configure Title' Option to the Submittal Builder (21/8/2019)

You can now automate the titles for submittals created using the Submittal Builder based on a combination of the Spec Section Title, Spec Section Number, Submittal Type, colons, dashes or your own custom options. See Submittal Builder: Configure Submittal Titles.