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Manage Specification Register


Manage your project's specifications using Procore's Specifications tool.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions: 'Read only', 'Standard' and 'Admin' level permissions can view the register page, but additional permissions are required to perform certain actions in Procore. See related linked articles in the "Task" section for the permissions required to perform each task.

Specifications Register Overview

The Register view provides a spreadsheet overview of all specifications.

Specification Register Options
  • The headings across the top of the table denote the Specification Number,  Description, Revision Number, Issued Date and Received Date. To edit a value in one of these fields, click the blue caret in the top right or click Edit to edit more fields of the specification.
  • To edit a spec section, click Edit (see Edit Spec Sections).
  • To view a spec sections, click Info (see View or Open Specifications).
  • The gray headings organise your specifications into divisions. The linked numbers to the right of the specification titles show how many revisions each specification has. You can view the specification details by clicking Info to view the information about it in Procore or Open to view the full spec section.
  • Mark or remove the mark from the checkbox. This activates the orange buttons in the right pane.


Search and Filter for specifications

Remember to leverage the built-in search and filter options for controlling your specifications register view. See Search and Filter for Specifications.

Configure Settings

Users with 'Admin' level permissions on the Specifications tool can configure its advanced settings. See Configure Advanced Settings: Specifications


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