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Below are the notable changes to the project's Daywork Sheets tool in 2021.

Import Timecards INTO Daywork Sheets (7/12/2021)

Procore has enhanced the Project level Daywork Sheets tool to give users the ability to import timecards created in Procore directly into Daywork Sheets, see Import a Timecard into a Daywork Sheet

Configuration Settings for Daywork Sheets Email Notifications (15/09/2021)

Procore updated the Project level Daywork Sheets tool to give users with 'Admin' level permissions the ability to sent and recieve notifications when a Daywork Sheet has been signed by a company and when a sheet has been closed. Procore also added a Status column to the Daywork Email configuration settings to indicate the status for each action, see Configure Advanced Settings: Daywork Sheets.

Remove Associated change event from a Daywork Sheet (08/09/2021)

Procore has updated the project level Daywork Sheets tool to allow users to remove an associated change event from a Daywork Sheet. See Remove a Change Event Associated with a Daywork Sheet.

Adds new worker on a Daywork Sheet (05/08/2021)

Procore is updating the project level Daywork Sheets tool to respect the directory 'Create Contacts' granular permission that gives users the ability to add new workers on Daywork Sheets and Site teams, see Add New Workers on a Daywork Sheet and Add Worker in Site teams. This update allows users to add workers who have not been added to the project directory to a Daywork Sheet. Users will also be able to add workers to new or existing sheets.

Configure 'Performed on Date' and 'Employee' Fields (08/07/2021)

To provide your site team(s) with greater flexibility to capture data over multiple days, Procore has enhanced the Project level Daywork Sheets tool to provide users with the ability to configure the 'Performed on Date'. We've also simplified data-entry for your Foremen, by giving your team the option to hide the 'Employee' field in your Daywork Sheets. To learn more, see Daywork Sheets: Configure 'Performed On Date' and 'Employee' Fields.

New Subcontractor Section in the Project Daywork Sheets Tool (18/05/2021)

Procore has updated the Project level Daywork Sheets tool with a new ‘Subcontractor’ section that can be turned ON or OFF in the Company level Admin tool. This new section provides your site teams with the ability to record any work performed on your behalf by your sub-tier subcontractors. It lets you attach any relevant backup documentation to your Daywork Sheet--ensuring that your clients can easily verify the work and you can seamlessly transfer this information to a change event. See Create a Change Event from a Daywork Sheet. The only requirement is that the subcontractor you select must have a company record in the Project level Directory tool (see Add a Company to the Project Directory). 

Download a PDF Copy of a Daywork Sheet from a Change Event 'Description' (22/04/2021)

Procore has updated the project's Change Events tool, so when you Create a Change Event from a Daywork Sheet or Add a Daywork Sheet to a Change Event, you can now click a new Download PDF link in the 'Description' field of the change event to quickly review the Daywork Sheet. You can also launch the Daywork Sheets tool to view the sheet in Procore by clicking the View Sheet link. For details on this update, see View a Change Event and Daywork Sheets: New Connected Change Management Workflows. File attachments on Daywork Sheets are also transferred to the 'Attachments' section of the change event, so you can download them with a single click.

New Connected Change Management Workflows (15/03/2021)

Procore has updated the Bulk Actions menu in the project's Daywork Sheets tool to provide you with the ability to add Daywork Sheets to a new or existing change event. Line item entries to selected Daywork Sheets can now be added to a change event, streamlining how you generate variations to get paid for work performed. See Create a Change Event from a Daywork Sheet and Add a Daywork Sheet to a Change Event.

Moved the 'Classifications' Tab to the Project Admin Tool (22/02/2021)  

For users who set up and assign classifications to employees and workers for use with the Daywork Sheets tool, Procore has moved the settings in the 'Classifications' tab of the Timesheets tool to a new 'Classifications' tab in the Project level Admin tool. Users can now also configure which classifications are available for use with Procore's project timekeeping tools. To learn more, see Field Productivity: Enable Classifications on a Project.

Daywork Sheets added to Procore Search (26/01/2021)

Procore has updated its Procore Search feature to include the Daywork Sheets tool. For more information, see What information is searchable using Procore Search?