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Import Program Tasks into your Project Level Schedule Tool (Procore Imports)


To import program tasks into your Project level Program tool with the Procore Imports application.

Things to Consider


  1. Open the Procore Imports application on your computer.
  2. Enter your Procore login credentials and click Log In.
  3. In the Select Company drop-down menu, select the company with the project you want to import a program into.
  4. In the Select Project drop-down menu, select the project you want to import a program into.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Under Program, click Add New Program.
  7. On the Prepare your records page, click one of the following options:
    • Save & Open Blank Template. Click this option to open, fill out and save an Excel template for your program if you haven't done so already. See Prepare Program Tasks for Import to the Procore Imports App.
    • Skip this step. Click this option if you have already filled out the Excel template and you are ready to upload the completed template file.
  8. On the Select your file to process page, complete the following:
    • Drag and drop the completed template file from its location on your computer.
      • Or: Click Select Template File and attach the completed template file from its location on your computer.
    • Click Process.
  9. On the Review your records page, review any error messages about invalid program tasks on your completed template.
    Note: If all of the program tasks on your completed template are validated, this page is skipped automatically.
    • Click Save Errors to continue to save a file with a list of these error messages and to continue importing any validated program tasks from your completed template.
    • Click the icon-back-arrow.png icon to return to the Select your file to process page and upload an updated version of your completed template.
  10. On the Import your records to Procore page, review the validated data.
  11. Click Save records to computer to download a validated copy of your completed template to your computer.
  12. Click Import to Procore to import the program into the Project level Program tool in Procore.
    • In the Import Records window, click Proceed.
    • In the Confirm you want to import these records by entering: window, complete the following:
      • Enter the name of the project to confirm this is the project you want to import the program into.
      • Click Proceed.
  13. Keep the Import your records to Procore page open until you see the [#] records were imported to Procore successfully message.
    The program has been imported to the Project level Program tool.
  14. Click Finish to return to the Project level menu on the Procore Imports application.
  15. Navigate to the Project level Program tool in the Procore web application.
  16. Verify that you can see your project's program and all of its data.
    After you import the project's initial program, Procore saves each imported program file in the Documents tool in a locked folder called 'Schedules'. This folder is only accessible to Document tool Admins and serves the purpose of an audit record of all imported program files.