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How do I bill for stored materials in a subcontractor progress claim?


 Limited Release

On Friday, December 18, 2020 Procore began the first phase of a gradual rollout of the new collaborator view for the Project level Invoicing tool. For the initial phase, this feature will be released to a limited number of Procore customer accounts. Then, over the following several weeks, the feature will continue to be rolled out to additional Procore customers until the rollout process is complete. To learn more, see Financial Management: (Coming Soon!) New Collaborator View for the Invoicing Tool.

If you are an progress claim contact and looking for instructions for the previous version of subcontractor invoicing, please see Submit a New Progress Claim as an Progress Claim Contact and How do I bill for stored materials in Procore?

Important!  If you are a Procore customer who has purchased a custom workflow for invoicing (see Procore Custom Solutions),  your company account will NOT be receiving this update. This is because your project's Invoicing tool requires a customised approval path for processing your subcontractor progress claims. If you have any questions about invoicing and your custom workflow, please reach out to your company's Procore point of contact.  


Billing for stored materials is a way to progress claim a buyer for part of a contract's value before completing the work. Allowing your subcontractors to bill you for stored materials gives your subcontractors the ability to purchase the materials they need, so it will be on hand when they start doing the working on your project. As work on the project progresses, the progress claim contact can then reduce the amount in the 'Stored Materials' column until it reaches zero ($0.00) when the project is complete.

In order to bill for stored materials in a subcontractor progress claim, there are two prerequisites that must be completed by the progress claim administrator at the contract-level:

How do I enable billing separately for stored materials on an progress claim? 

Before creating a subcontractor progress claim in Procore, an progress claim administrator has the option to turn an 'Enable Billing Separately for Stored Materials' check box at the contract level. This setting resides on the contract's 'Advanced Settings' tab and provides the progress claim administrator with a way to control how the 'New Materials' column behaves from progress claim to progress claim. Progress Claim contacts do not have the ability to change this setting in Procore. 

What are my configuration options when billing separately for stored materials?

If you are an progress claim administrator and have an progress claim contact who will be billing your project team separately for stored materials, you will have the option to enable separate billing for stored materials. To enable the setting, place a checkmark in this box. To disable the setting, remove the checkmark. By default, this setting is turned OFF.


When you mark the new checkbox, the Invoicing tool automatically sets the value of the entry in the 'New Materials' column to zero (0) on the first progress claim so that the progress claim contact can update the entry to the appropriate value. It also adds a 'Materials Stored' column to the right of the 'New Materials' column. When a subsequent progress claim is created, the value entered in the 'New Materials' column is reset to zero (0), and the value previously entered in the 'New Materials' column is automatically moved to the 'Materials Stored' column. 

Example: New Materials Move to a Materials Stored Column

January Progress Claim. An progress claim contact creates a new subcontractor progress claim. On this progress claim, the 'New Materials' value on SOV line items will start at $0.00. An progress claim contact enters $1,000.00 in the 'New Materials' column on the first SOV line item, as shown below.


February Progress Claim. When the progress claim contact creates a new progress claim in February, note how the $1,000.00 entered in the 'New Materials' column on the January progress claim is moved to the 'Materials Stored' column in the February progress claim.