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How do I create an allowance and/or contingency report?


Follow the steps below to learn how to create an allowance and/or contingency report using head variations. 

  1. Navigate to the project's Reports tool.
  2. Click + Create Custom Report.
  3. Enter in the following information:
    • Report Name. Enter a report name. For example, name the report: Contingency & Allowance
    • Optional: Description. Enter a description.
    • Select Tools. Select the following tool: Financial Line Items - Financial Line Item Details
  4. Click Next Step.
  5. Pull down the following columns:
    • Project Name
    • Cost Code
    • Type
    • PV #
    • Description
    • Amount

  6. Click Add Filter, and select Type. Mark the boxes next to Original Budget and Prime Contract PCO.

  7. Click Add Filter, and select Cost Code. Mark the checkbox next to your Contingency and/or Allowance cost code.
    Note: If you have a Cost Type/Category or Contingency, you can then filter by the category of Contingency. 

  8. At the top of the Amount column, click fx and select SUM.

  9. Group the report by doing the following:
    • If you created the report at the company level, select the drop-down menu under Group By and click Project Name.
    • If you are reporting on multiple Contingency and/or Allowance cost codes, select the drop-down menu under Group by and click Cost Code if you want to see subtotals by cost code.
    • You can also select the drop-down menu under Group by and select Type if you want a subtotal of how much was used. 

  10. Click Create to save your Report.

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