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How do I use Tags/Keywords in Procore?


In Procore, a number of tools let you add tags/keywords to a record. When you have a large number of records, this makes it easier for users to use the tool's search feature to find the records marked with those tags/keywords.

The Tags/Keyword field is a free-text field, so you can create your own tag/keyword classification system to meet your organisation's specific needs. 


  • User Tags/Keywords. A few users in your Directory tool specialise in Best Value Source Selection (BVSS). You might want to enter the acronym BVSS as a tag/keyword. 
  • Company Tags/Keywords. Several subcontractors in your Directory tool are classified as a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB). You might want to enter the acronym WOSB as a tag/keyword.
  • Email Tags/Keywords. Your construction project involves building a large clubhouse or maintenance shed in a specific location on a job site. You might want to enter 'clubhouse' or 'shed' as a tag/keyword. 

Supported Procore Tools

The following tools let you add or associate tags/keywords to the records you create. Users can then enter those tags/keywords in that specific tool's search feature to find any matching tagged items. Tags/Keywords are tool-specific.